The face of the Akçaray line will change

The road of Akçaray line will change. The Akçaray Tramway Project, which is planned to be completed in 2017, will not only accelerate the transportation but will also change the course of the itinerary.
The construction of the infrastructure was started at the Tramway Project, which will be the beginning of a new era in the transportation network of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The Akçaray Tramway Project is intended to provide full service with its meticulously executed infrastructure works. Studies will also bring a new face to the streets and streets in the line. In this context, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Street will also be reconstructed by tram.
Necip Fazıl Street, which currently has a 2 × 2 lane width, will get its new face with the tram. Along with the Tram, 2 × 2 traffic lanes and 92 vehicle parking pockets will be created on the street designed according to the current development plans. Thus, traffic jams that may occur on the street will be eliminated.
New parking spaces will be identified on the street within the scope of the studies. In this way, parking shortage will be minimized. The hourly capacity of the street will be increased and the 2 bin 200 will go to the 3 vehicle. After the arrangement, Yahya Captain's traffic will relax even more.



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