The rain of criticism on the tram excuse

Rain of criticism of tram excuse: Hüseyin Kocabıyık criticized Mayor Kocaoğlu's excuse for tram and said, "There is not only one right thing." Bilal Doğan, on the other hand, said, "The mayor has admitted that he cannot run the city."

As Egeli Sabah has brought to the agenda before, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will lay the line on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard as the fourth lane to the existing three-lane road to the land and sea sides with a new revision in the Konak Tramway project. Construction works will begin after the revision to be announced to the public after the holiday. Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who attributes the continuous route changes in the tram to an interesting reason, said that one of the reasons for the revisions in the tram so many is that the companies that carry out such projects are not in Izmir. Bilal Doğan, AK Party Group Deputy Chairperson of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Hüseyin Kocabıyık, AK Party İzmir Deputy Candidate, and Kocaoğlu's interesting excuse Karşıyaka Union President Mehmet Yildirim brought criticism.

Stating that Kocaoğlu had confessed the facts without being aware of it, Bilal Doğan said, “Mr. Kocaoğlu has admitted that we have expressed it so far. We want bureaucrats from the Metropolitan Municipality and trained in the municipality to rule it. However, after the death of the late Piriştina, Mr. Kocaoğlu liquidated the experienced bureaucrats who knew the city and the municipality. Since that day, it has not been able to establish its own staff. He is not based on bureaucrats. Seeing the bus at the bus stop, ESHOT appoints the General Manager and makes the whole Izmir suffer from transportation. Again, seeing the water in the fountain and in the sea, IZSU General Manager throws it ”d. AK Party Izmir Deputy Candidate Hüseyin Kocabıyık, on the other hand, emphasized that it is a painful situation to do such an injustice in a city like İzmir with the language of the elected mayor, and said, “You blame the companies in the Kentkart crisis. You blame the companies on the tram issue. Then wouldn't they ask the man? Because what are you there? Aziz Kocaoğlu does not have a single job right. We see that our fellow countrymen from Izmir are faced with the traffic problem that becomes inextricable every day and the traffic problem is increasing. The tram seemed to solve this problem to a certain extent, but since this is constantly turning to the puzzle board, the realization of the project will spread over the years as a Kocaoğlu classic. He will once again register Mr. Kocaoğlu's incompetence ”. Criticizing President Kocaoğlu Karşıyaka Union President Mehmet Yıldırım said, “Aziz Bey is very right. In Izmir, contractors who do not know Izmir because they give construction work to non-Izmir contractors may naturally be taking the wrong route. They see the job done. They don't think about the aesthetics and geography of the job. They don't think about human nature. However, it is obvious that the mayors who are not from Izmir do not do good deeds for Izmir. If he is from Izmir, Mr. Mayor would be democratic. 'Do you want a train or you really want a nostalgic tram?' he asks the public. It doesn't do any of that. The whole point comes from this. Izmir is governed by non-Izmirians ”.

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