Asphalted Road of Mus Ski Center


Path of Mus Ski Center Asphalted: Mus Special Provincial Administration, Alparslan University and Ski Center in the way of hot asphalt work launched.

Muş Ski House, as well as the 1,5 kilometer road, which is used jointly with the university, was covered with hot asphalt. Şeyhmus Yentür Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Mus Ski House and the road to the University of Mus Alparslan covered with hot asphalt, he said. Şeyhmus Yentür, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, examining the asphalt works on the spot, said that the works continued rapidly and that an important need was fixed. Yentür stated that with the allowance transferred from the Prime Ministry sources, the landscaping of the ski house and the studies on the way to the university will be completed in a day or two, “Approximately 13 thousand 500 square meters area is covered with 3 thousand 100 tons of hot asphalt. The area from the garden of the ski house to the Kizilagac state road connection is covered with first class asphalt. This study is very important for both the university and the ski house. We have completed another urgent need on behalf of our province. ”
Muş Ski House Operator Seyfetullah Olcay expressed his gratitude to the Governorship of Muş and the General Secretariat of the Special Provincial Administration for their work. “For years, there was a problem with the mud in the ski house garden. This problem will be resolved with the work done. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the service provided to the ski house which is a very important social facility for Muş. ”

Şükrü Çobanoğlu, Deputy Secretary General of MŞÜ, who examined the works of asphalt together with the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Şeyhmus Yentür, said that they thanked the Special Provincial Administration for the works.

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