The tender date has been announced for the second stage of Palandöken Logistics Village

The tender date was announced for the second stage of Palandöken Logistics Village: The second phase of the 360 thousand square meter project, which will contribute greatly to the social and economic development of Erzurum, begins.

Following the completion of the first stage of Erzurum Palandoken Logistics Village, construction of the second phase construction works and railway connections are started.

One of the planned 19 logistics center of the village are made in Turkey and 2016 years to be completed by the end of the target, which will be established on 360 thousand square meters, the entry into service of Erzurum Palandöken Logistic Village, to become one of the major logistics centers in the region of Erzurum and also in the city, area and to add significant added value to the country's economy.

Erzurum Palandöken Logistics Village, which will provide great convenience to train and train transportation, will be used in Erzurum. The second stage of the logistics village with the end of the end of the 360 said that the aim is to finish.

Yesilyurt said, ö Erzurum will have a great power together with Palandöken Logistics Village. I need to use this power well, evaluate it. The main objective of this project is to reduce the total transportation and personnel costs by means of vehicle, warehouse usage, manpower organization, logistics chain optimization, and increase the total work volume of transportation operators and ensure that it reaches high quality level. In addition to these plus activities, we expect to bring vitality to the socio-economic structure of Erzurum thanks to our logistic village. Bu

The first stage of the first stage works completed in the logistics village will be completed in a very positive and timely manner. As a result of these works, the construction of buildings such as transformer building, water storage building, surveillance and relocation house tower, administrative and social facilities building, locomotive maintenance and repair workshop was completed.

Yunus Yesilyurt TCDD Director of Operation Erzurum, indicating that they had finished their first stage work on time, said that they concentrated on the second stage work and that the total amount of work done cost 26 million liras.
Yeşilyurt said, “We finished our first stage works on time exactly as we wanted. We are now focused on our second stage work. To give an example of the work I did in the first stage; transformer building, water tank building, surveillance and relay house tower, administrative and social facilities building, locomotive maintenance and repair workshop, customer warehouse and customer container area filling, loading and unloading area, high load loading ramp, logistics directorate building, rainwater line of the entire facility and we implemented activities such as the environmental contract wall. These works cost 26 million liras in total. " said.

2 for Logistics Village. The tender date was announced. 17 will be auctioned on November 2015 2. Stage also; 1-Container stock area and additional storage area (Approx. 90.000 M2), 2-Bulk cargo dump pit (Approx. 10000m2), 3-OSB highway connection and overpass. 4-Logistics Central Railway superstructure connection, 5-Landscaping, additional buildings (such as masjid, fountain) for social needs are included.

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