35 Izmir

Continue to stall at İZBAN and Metro

IZBAN and Metro to continue the ordeal: The victims of the transfer system, the ceiling of the citizens of IZBAN and Metro has made the ceiling. The biggest concern of citizens who travel in the case of fish stack was security weakness. Harassment in vehicles [more…]

38 Kayseri

Snow thickness at Xenon Ski Center

Snow thickness at the Erciyes Ski Center found 15 centimeters: Erciyes AŞ Executive Vice President Yücel İkiler said that with the snow, Erciyes Mountain found the 10-15 centimeters of snow thickness, saying “1 [more…]

07 Antalya

Card solution for students in Antalya

Card solution for students in Antalya: Students whose card is broken have problems because the system will change. In the metropolitan area, students were able to benefit from the discount with ID cards Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to the problems experienced by students in public transportation in Antalya [more…]

34 Istanbul

Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tramway work started

Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram line works started: An application was made to the Ministry for the 10 kilometer-long Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram Line project and the 14 station was identified. Eminönü-Alibeyköy planned by IMM Department of Transportation [more…]

13 Bitlis

Domestic engine to Van Lake ferry

Local engine for Lake Van ferry: The local ship engine produced in Eskişehir was mounted on the Van Lake ferry built in Tatvan district of Bitlis. Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation of Turkey (from TÜLOMSAŞ) produced "domestic diesel [more…]