66 Yozgat

Will Yozgat dream of a ropeway

Yozgat's cable car dream will come true: Yozgat Municipality announces the gospel of Yozgat to its readers Yozgat Çamlık'ın news has found great resonance in the citizen. In order to realize the dream of Yozgat ropeway, Yozgat Municipality prepared the project in cooperation with ORAN [more…]

Osmangazi Bridge Project

Gebzeli Engineers toured the Gulf Bridge in Izmit

Kocaeli Chamber of Civil Engineers organized a technical visit to the construction site of the İzmit-Gulf Crossing Bridge Altınova-Hersek Construction Site, which will be the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world when completed, for the members of our Gebze Representation. 4th largest in the world [more…]

34 Istanbul

Dreams of Havaray Facts 11US

Dreams havaray facts 11ÜS : Mesut Kösedağı, who made a group speech about the 2016 budget of IETT, claimed that public transportation is an ordeal for citizens. 11ÜS (Üsküdar), one of the most crowded lines of IETT [more…]

34 Istanbul

Future sectors Navigation and rail systems

Sectors of the future Navigation and rail systems: New markets and sectors of the future were marked by the first day of the VISIONARY'15 Sectors Summit, which MUSIAD launched for the first time this year. Changing living conditions and technological [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul New Metro Lines Transportation Hours

Istanbul New Metro Lines Transportation Hours: A warning came to Istanbul residents. Bahçelievler-Şirinevler minibus terminal and underground parking due to the project -5 airport direction Şirinevler entrance 1 will remain closed to traffic throughout the year. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Operators will be responsible for railway security

Operators will also be responsible for railway safety: Operators will also be responsible for the implementation of the regulations brought by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to ensure safety on the railway. The Ministry's "Railway Safety Regulation" is published in the Official Gazette today. [more…]