The emphasis on logistics center for Izmir

Emphasis on logistics center for Izmir: IZMIR University Faculty Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin, Turkey in the year 2023 500 billion export target, but the logistics ...

IZMIR University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin, Turkey In the 2023 500 billion export target to reach but that with the support of the logistics industry and Izmir also said that it has the potential to be the logistics center of Europe.

İzmir University Foreign Trade, Finance and Logistics Head of Department Assoc. Dr. M. Hakan Sharp, XIII, one of Turkey's most comprehensive logistics activity. Logistics and Supply Chain Congress and participated as a panelist in "Izmir, Turkey Can the new logistics center and Europe" presented a statement. Sharp, the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index that Turkey is still not at the desired level according to the data, but the case of the countries in the region should not be stressed to Turkey in terms of logistics competitors. Sharp "Izmir, Turkey not only has the potential to be the logistics center of Europe," he said.

Keskin said that the Turkish logistics sector was affected negatively by the political problems among the countries in the region, and that the rate of maritime transport should be increased. Noting that Turkey's sharp a sea country, "sea transport of freight in the world compared to other modes On an opposite situation in Turkey. Today the road is done in more than 90 percent of freight traffic in Turkey. There is a significant imbalance between modes of transport. More than a thousand 800 trucks are driving on the roads. Of these, the 100 is the TIR, the tractor with a semi-trailer. This figure is said to be more than that in the 10 European country..

At the beginning of xnumx'l year to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies, overseas offices opened, increase continuously the quality of services, a dynamic sector which has become the Turkish logistics sector in Turkey in the year 2000 of maintaining the momentum of 2023 billion export target for Prof. expression that has a great importance. Dr. Sharp, "We say that we will make new investments in Turkey, we will get attracted foreign capital and the 500 billion export target. Investments need to be supported by logistical investments to bring the predicted benefits. We need to be more coordinated on this issue. Otherwise, it is impossible for us to achieve the prescribed targets..

Whether the opponent of Turkey in terms of geographical location, but also require international cooperation Sharp reminiscent of sectoral achievements, the words continued as follows:

“The global commercial trend is shifting production centers to Asian countries. Therefore, the relocation of Asian production to Western markets creates new logistics opportunities. We know that many logistics projects such as multinational, large scale, long-term railway lines, international transit highways, crude oil or natural gas pipelines are being developed. It's like passing through or around the project creates a very different Turkey many advantages to our country. Global actors are aware of this, and if we become aware of it and do what is necessary, we do not have any logistical competitors. ”

Asserting that all the features required by logistics centers are united in İzmir. Dr. M. Hakan Keskin said:

İzmir Izmir, which has been home to logistics operations as a port city for thousands of years, has a geographical advantage as the gateway from the sea to the west of giant budget projects connecting Asia to the West through the Caucasus. When the Izmir-Istanbul Highway project is completed, an important transportation problem will be solved. When Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Project is completed with 3 million square meter and 14 thousand container storage capacity, İzmir will be developed in terms of logistics. As İzmir starts to become a logistics center, production centers in Anatolia such as Denizli, Manisa, Aydın, Uşak, Ankara and Bursa will be easier and cheaper to come out by sea. However, both physical and legal infrastructure deficiencies must be resolved as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize that our competitor is Piraeus in terms of both its geographical location and port structure and we should not waste any time. ”

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