Ibrahim Çivici, a railroad worker who could not go on vacation, spoke

Ibrahim Civici, a railroad worker who could not go on holiday, spoke: Reflecting to the press that he couldn't go on vacation for twenty years, Ibrahim Civici, a railroad worker who started a signature campaign on social media, said, iv I was very touched and very surprised. I would like to thank my people and those who helped. Halk

The story of the worker Ibrahim Civici, who ensured the safety of the railroad on the 15 kilometer road a day, made everyone's heart whine. 20 years holiday from the moment they learned that affects millions of people and thousands of people can not go to social media in the way they want to send the petition initiating holidays iron worker Ibrahim Çivici, he sat on Turkey's agenda. Complaining that his family could not go on holiday 20 years, the latter complained that sometimes the machinists did not greet him. What Civici said, he touched everyone deeply. Çivici, who is originally from Isparta who lives in Nazilli, said: iv I was very touched and very surprised. I didn't know that our people would react so much. Halk

İbrahim Çivici was given a plaque by the Railway Construction and Operation Staff Association for Solidarity and Solidarity (YOLDER).

İbrahim Çivici, who made a press statement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER Özden Polat, made a press statement at the building of the association. I didn't expect them to be so interested. 20-25 has not been able to go on vacation for years, it is true. On the one hand the child's shortage of woes, on the one hand I bought a house he called his debt. Because of them I was driving to the country not on vacation, wife was visiting friendly and coming back to work again. The man is taking care of the child. Is the Turkish people not always the same? He thinks so much of himself and his children all the time Kend.

”My child has not found a job in 7 YEAR X
Çivici told that he had been working with his children for years and said: di We have married one of my children and said that he owed his debt. 7 has not been able to find jobs that have been admitted here for years, its shortage. On the one hand, family troubles prevented us from going on holiday. Yani

Civici stating that he came to offer too many holidays for the holiday, which they can not decide yet said: ler Istanbul Fatih Mayor, Mayor of Didim, the Turkish Metal Work Union has offered. There are many who offer my 1 monthly annual leave. It's not possible I can go all in. If we can go 5 every other day, we better get a chance. I do not know how it's going to be. Which one of us we can't make a decision right now. We'll sit down and talk about a family, we will decide. Ot

Stating that they work under difficult conditions Çivici, “People do not know how we do a tiring job. People see the railroad as an iron stack. But all our measurements are in millimeters. So thin, ini he said.

“I never saw the Black Sea region“
Civici said that they want to spend a holiday abroad, said he wanted to spend his holiday in his country continued as follows: "They said to Cyprus, said overseas. But I would like to spend it in my own country. I don't really prefer outdoors. There are beautiful places in our own country. I would like to see the Black Sea region. When I went to Antalya to carry his stuff, I saw Antalya. 17 for the first time in years. Didim side of the same way we took a friend's items then I saw. We couldn't spare much time to the seaside. Deniz

Ibrahim Civici said that his wife never complained once about him, his wife lives in a modest life, such as himself, he said.

Ibrahim Civici's younger son, Ramazan, thanked everyone who offered the offer:
“I haven't seen much from my family. They were surprised when I explained that they were working in different sectors. Most people that my father does not know more. Normally, he's not much out of the world. Because we can't get much out of it. I am very happy in that way, thank you to those who give a holiday opportunity. We couldn't go anywhere in the family. The whole family could not do a holiday at all. It was because of his job and we couldn't do anything because we respect his work. When he would do something for us we couldn't find the opportunity Kend

YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat Ibrahim Çivici 59 people like working with the Turkish Metal Union through the period they want to send each holiday period.

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