İbrahim Çivici I did not see the Black Sea, I want to go

İbrahim Çivici I did not see the Black Sea, I would like to go: Al Jezeera, the Turkish Turkish reporter Güray Ervin, the Road Crossing and Control Officer Ibrahim Çivici, who explained the problems of his colleagues with examples from his life with his sincere, natural and simple style, met with members of the press in İzmir. Çivici, Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER), together with the Chairman of the Board Özden Polat, interviewed journalists and answered their questions.

YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat, the association's railway road maintenance and repairers to deal with the professional problems, to produce solutions to problems, to ensure cooperation and solidarity between the professional staff was established in Izmir said. Görevli Ibrahim Civici, our member of the Passage and Control Officer, is in charge of 323 Road Maintenance and Maintenance Department in Nazilli. You know him from the media coverage. We owe our friend a very sincere, natural and simple problem with his style, thanks to his colleagues on behalf of our members, ten said Polat.

Iz Everyone in our profession works in the same conditions as our friend Abraham. We would like to bring this to your attention. From the actual workers in the field to the general manager of the institution, from the chamber to the general manager, we all love our work and work devotedly. We know that every level of the railroad runs intensively, including the weekend, until midnight. We're not complaining. As in every job, there are high risks in our profession. We welcome this naturally. We would like to express that we are honored to serve our people in this country. Bu

I came to offer a lot for the holiday, but my permission was a month

Explaining that their phones are not silent after the publication of the news, İbrahim Çivici said that he was pleased with the interest he received and greeted him with surprise. Çivici said, “Thank you to my people, I never thought they would show such interest. We couldn't go to the beach side for 20 - 25 years. The young boy is on the one hand, I bought a house, we could not have a holiday when he said his installments, debt fee When we get more leave, not vacation, we go to the country. Frankly, one thinks of his child rather than himself. We have two children, we married one. We taught the other one, now we are trying to find a job. ”

Journalists' "How did you get feedback after the news?" When answering the question, “Thank you very much came for the holiday. They called from Istanbul Fatih Municipality, Didim Municipality. The President of the Turkish Metal Union called. A lot of vacation offers, but I have a month off year. If we have the opportunity, we will go, we have to sit and talk to the family. ” YOLDER Chairman of the Board Özden Polat said, “Currently, there are 59 İbrahim Çivici in TCDD. I think the Turkish Metal Union will offer holiday opportunities for all of our friends. ”

My wife did not complain that we did not go on vacation

Ç What did you feel after watching the news? Hiss Ibrahim Civici told the reporters:

“I was very touched, very surprised. Actually, I did not explain it. They sent from the business for shooting. He even said, 'Don't pull me, I'm not used to it. I have never been in front of the press. ' I have an installed order of 30 to 40 years. Because we have more experienced sergeants. My family is very happy with the news. Meanwhile, there were also those who made fun. They said to my wife, 'Ibrahim Sergeant is now divorcing you'. We are married to my wife for 37 years, thank god we never broke each other. My wife has never complained about not being able to go on this holiday. He never asked because he lived a humble life like me. ”

They do not know the weight of our working conditions

İbrahim Çivici, Passenger and Control Officer, replied the question, bu Were people in your neighborhood aware of the fact that you were working in such heavy and difficult conditions until the news was published? Ç They do not know in our own community. Our road staff does not know, our people do not know. Public railways know a pile of iron. However, our measurements are always millimetric. The loads we carry along the way become heavy over time. There is no water, no toilet on the road. So they don't, Bil he said. Çivici answered the question, lark Where do you want to go most? Ç.

“A proposal came for Cyprus or abroad, but there are many beautiful places in my hometown. I live in Nazilli, my hometown Isparta. A few years ago I went to Antalya to carry a relative's belongings. Then I went to Didim to take things again, that's all. I have never been to the Black Sea, I would like to go. For road personnel, there are difficulties in summer and winter separately. We are constantly in the land. You won't even find a place to wash our hands on the road. "

Road sergeants and guardians should go to the resort

Özden Polat, Chairman of the YOLDER Board of Directors, explained that pre-2015 training seminars were held in the holiday resorts. Polat said, “Road sergeants and watchmen could also have a holiday here. However, this situation changed after 2015. Now they go to the seminar in our camps. However, he came from Kars and lived the comfort of a five-star hotel in the holiday region. We have camps in Arsuz, Urla, Akçay. However, hotels will be good for them to live. We would like to announce this to the authorities of our institution on this occasion. ”

We're all part of the system.

Al Jezeera'da the news in addition to the holidays, as well as an issue that reminded the mechanics do not say hello to the road worker Özden Polat, "We are a part of the system as a railroad," he continued, saying:

Arasında We've been frustrated with the reactions on social media among our colleagues. The machines were always served to us, their tea, the soup we drink many. They are not all salute. If you already have a guard on the road they consider its sign. I would like to point out this. We do not find some of the comments made by the machinists about not giving greetings. We consider the railway profession as the integrity of the system, we see every professional as our colleague. In this interview, it is not unfair to both our mechanic friends and the fact that no mechanic greeted. Sometimes we think it would be nice to not be greeted by over-concentration. Aşırı

”Why can't you go on vacation? Are your fees low? Do you have camps? At YOLDER President Özden Polat said, ”Actually, we have camps. We're in a good condition. Two issues came forward in the news. Holiday and mechanics do not say hello. There are few who are looking for such a holiday in our community ılı. YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat thanked İbrahim Çivici, the Way Gate and Control Officer who was attending the meeting with his son, Ramazan Çivici, and gave a plaque with the marbling art applied to the marbling art since he gave attention to the railway and road personnel.

YOLDER Board Member Ferhat Demirci and the Turkish Metal Union Izmir 2 Branch Chairman Hayrettin Cakmak also attended the meeting.



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