Domestic trambles opened to the world

Indigenous TRAMBUS opened to the world: the service offered TRAMBUS first domestic production in Turkey, International Association of Public Transport (UITP), which was organized by the International Trolleybus Systems took full note from officials at the Workshop.

International Association of Public Transport is the largest nonprofit organization in the public transport sector in the world (UITP), 'under the International Trolleybus Systems Workshop offered to serve as the first domestic production TRAMBUS project in Turkey was held in Malatya. In the workshop hosted by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Bozankaya took place as a manufacturer company. Workshop from Germany to Saudi Arabia from Latin America to England from different countries and senior officials from municipalities in Turkey attended public transport.

Stating that public transportation services are a service performed with the care of a healthcare professional carrying seriously ill, MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said that they are working to maximize the service quality in transportation with the awareness that the development of the city is proportional to the quality of public transportation service. Noting that the researches conducted show that the existing energy resources will be insufficient or will be depleted over time, Tamgacı said, “Therefore, we decided to implement the Trambus system in the name of sustainable transportation. We prepared reports on transportation systems. In these reports, considering the population growth rate of Malatya over the years, we decided that there will never be a need for a subway or light rail system, and that the trolleybus system is the most suitable alternative for Malatya.

Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Ankara OSTİM Industry, emphasized the importance of the "International Trolleybus Systems Workshop" and said that they came to Malatya to support it. Aydin, "This project is not only a project in Malatya, Turkey is the project. We support this project because we believe this is an example of our local governments in Turkey. Turkey got the rail system and train public transport was an incredible improvement. However, we had to meet all the needs from abroad. We believe that the demands in public transportation will be met by our own local means. We are very happy to examine this project that we applaud in Malatya. On behalf of all Turkish Industrialists, I took the floor to express my heartfelt thanks to those who put their heart and signature to this special project, to the technical staff and to our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Ahmet Çakır. I want to tell them that they have made a breakthrough. This breakthrough will be an example for our other municipalities. It will not only stay in Malatya, it will spread to other cities as well ”.

In his speech, Mümin Kahveci, General Manager of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IETT, said that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will implement the trolleybus in a short time. Mümin Kahveci stated that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started to provide trolleybus service in the 1950s but was removed from the system together with its networks after years in order to try alternative technologies; “But we came back to these systems again after the 1990s. The reason is very logical and realistic. The fact that our work and Malatya chose this project shows its success in a sense. It is both an environmentally friendly and accessible project. In addition, 727 percent design was made by local engineers. We are faced with a system with an organization that has been managed by professional operators and operated professionally for months. We are rapidly implementing similar systems in Istanbul. We have 2019 km rail systems that we will implement until XNUMX. In addition, we will implement the trolleybus in Istanbul in a very short time. We finished his feasibility studies. We will start working on this in the upcoming period, ”he said.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır noted that the Metropolitan Municipality, which is responsible for the province in general with the metropolitan status, is working to solve the problems in the transportation field as in every field, and said, “The development of the cities as a whole has created a great opportunity as a metropolitan city. As much as we are responsible for the center, a healthy solution should be considered in the countryside. We are experiencing a process in which all provinces of our country are also under the same influence, and migration from rural to urban continues. For the last 20 years, there has been an extreme migration from rural to urban. The population living in the city has reached 65-70 percent. We are responsible for the development and infrastructure of the city, as well as transportation, which is one of the most important issues. Transportation in the center is the backbone of general transportation. Therefore, we worked on this system for many years. We have worked on the most suitable and economical transportation system for Malatya, considering both the economic and the population criteria in the coming years. As a result of the studies, we decided that the system that emerged was trolleybus. During this work, the officials at the UITP also helped us, provided leadership and guidance, and I thank them. Now our vehicles have started to work. After all, maybe we haven't completed the investment we have targeted yet. Currently, we lack vehicles even in the first stage. We need to supplement vehicles. The preference is extremely high. There is over 80 percent satisfaction in our surveys. This gave us strength and morale, ”he said.

At the end of the speeches, UITP Trolleybus Committee Chairman Sergei Korolkov gave a plaque to Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır.

Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors; "TRAMBUS first native of Turkey, as a manufacturer of domestic electric tram and bus company of the year in Europe were chosen. Attracting such great interest in the international arena with our domestic production vehicles is a separate motivation for our work. Our new generation vehicles, which we have developed and produced with our team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers, offer the most ideal solutions in public transportation services. Our trambuses attract great attention from local governments both nationally and internationally. Greece, Brazil, Austria and Germany from the technical delegations, are examining our vehicle to come over to Turkey. The praises of our locally produced trabuses at the 'International Trolleybus Systems Workshop held in Malatya made us extremely proud, ”he said.

3 sessions were held in the International Trolleybus Systems Workshop. All aspects of the past and present of public transportation were discussed. During the workshop, the new projects of UITP and the future of the public transport sector were also discussed. In the first session 'mode choices and variety of technology solutions to compare' on domestic and while participants presentations from abroad, in the second session 'planning of a new trolleybus system, design and construction' and 'trolleybus operation in Turkey cities' presentations were made on the subject.

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