Repairing Scrap Locomotives

They Repaired Scrap Locomotives: 2 locomotives that pulled coal wagons underground for years at the Turkish Hard Coal Institution (TTK) in Zonguldak and were scrapped were repaired by the Engine Service employees of the Armutçuk Institution Directorate. [more…]

34 Istanbul

International student train departs

International students train sets off: Prime Minister of Turkey Bursa in Turkey and abroad training base in the world that has made the Turks and Relative Communities Directorate (MDO), this is the first time that the programs implemented by international [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Metro faulted expeditions for a while

Izmir Metro malfunctioned. Expeditions were interrupted for a while: Due to the compressor failure in the train in Izmir Metro, the flights could not be made for a while. Citizens revolted from social media A statement was made on the intensity experienced with the opening of schools in İzmir. [more…]


Domestic trambles showcases

Native trambus showcases:BozankayaTurkey's first domestic trambus vehicles, produced by ., will host the international public transportation delegation in Malatya today and tomorrow. It was first put into service by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey. [more…]