Repairing Scrap Locomotives

It Locomotive Repair scrap meat: turkey Institution in Zonguldak coal (TCC) pulling coal cars and scrapping the place 2 years under the locomotive, the engine within the Directorate Head drying depends Armutçuk Service by employees [more…]

34 Istanbul

International student train departs

International students train sets off: Prime Minister of Turkey Bursa in Turkey and abroad training base in the world that has made the Turks and Relative Communities Directorate (MDO), this is the first time that the programs implemented by international [more…]


Domestic trambles showcases

Native trambus showcases:BozankayaThe production of Turkey's first indigenous TRAMBUS tools, today and tomorrow in Malatya will welcome the international delegation of public transport. first as the service offered by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey [more…]