34 Istanbul

Bomb search at Taksim metro station

Taksim metro station bomb search: Taksim Square, which is considered to be the most central place of Istanbul, took place in the moving minutes. Many ambulances and security team in front of the dispatched Taksim metro station was closed for a while. Working between Hacıosman-Yenikapı [more…]

01 Adana

Carnations at the TCDD Technician's Desk

TCDD technician's carnations at the desk: TCDD died in the explosion of technician Fevzi Sert's carnations on the table. The death technician of TCDD, who was killed in the explosion in Ankara, was commemorated with the carnations who were left in his room at the train station in İskenderun District of Hatay. The Kozan of Adana [more…]

iran afganistan railway will be in use until march
94 Afghanistan

Iran-Afghanistan railway will be used until March 2016

Iranian Transport and Urbanization Minister Abbas Ahundi said in his meeting with the Minister of Urbanization of Afghanistan, Sadatat Mansur, that the railway connecting the two countries will be completed by March 2016. Iranian Minister, the government of Afghanistan, the construction of the railway, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and [more…]


Citizens from Kayseri react to the trams

Kayserili citizens to react to the trams: Old cars rented from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to relieve tram traffic was not liked. Citizens, the duration of the shortening of the time they find positive. Greater Municipality of Gaziantep to reduce the intensity of the rail system from the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep [more…]