34 Istanbul

Bomb search at Taksim metro station

Bomb search in Taksim metro station: Taksim Square, considered the most central part of Istanbul, has experienced lively minutes. After the Taksim subway was closed for a while, many ambulances and security teams were dispatched. [more…]

01 Adana

Carnations at the TCDD Technician's Desk

Carnations on the table of TCDD technician: Cloves were left on the table of TCDD technician Fevzi Sert who died in the explosion. TCDD maintenance and repair technician 45 year-old Fevzi Sert, who died in the explosion in Ankara, was taken to his room at the train station in Iskenderun District of Hatay. [more…]


Citizens from Kayseri react to the trams

Citizens from Kayseri react to rental trams: Old vehicles rented from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to relieve tram traffic were disliked. Citizens, the duration of the expedition is found to be positive. The density of the metropolitan municipality rail system line [more…]