RayHaber 02.10.2015 Tender Bulletin

Fiber optic cable laying service will be provided Supply of wagon electricity supply system to Kapikule Wagon Service Supervision Çerkezköy- Improvement of the camera systems of the level crossing with an interconnected camera system

Intercity Railways

TCDD 9 49 in Erzurum

TCDD 9 in Erzurum Carried 49 thousand passengers per month: Yunus Yesilyurt, Managing Director of Erzurum State Railways, said that 2015 Thousand 9 passengers traveled by State Railways in the first 49 month of 384. [more…]


The high-speed train bridge won't stay idle

High-speed train bridge will not remain idle: Ankara-Sivas High-speed train line due to change in the route of the high-speed bridge over the Kızılırmak on the claim that the bridge will remain idle, karayolu highway bridge for the purpose of public service bridge [more…]