Eskişehir ropeway begins

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality starts the cable car project: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which will ease transportation in the city, will also affect tourism positively.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a ropeway project that will facilitate transportation in the city and also affect tourism. The new ropeway system will be installed between the Eskişehir Çankaya Mahallesi and Odunpazarı with a distance of 2 thousand 100 meters and will provide fast and comfortable transportation between the two regions.

As the Metropolitan Municipality, the city has taken important steps in the improvement of public transportation systems since 1999. Dr. Yilmaz Buyukersen, cable car project in Eskisehir said that a new ring will be added to public transportation. Speaking about the process of improvement and modernization, including the tramway project, Büyükerşen said, ş We first introduced the 5 age limit for private public buses being used. We offered medium size buses instead of oversized buses. In this way, Eskişehir people started to travel with more modern buses. Due to the deep damage caused by the 1999 earthquake in our country, we could start our tram project just like the head of 2001. We launched 2002 in December. In this way, Eskişehir people have been able to travel with extremely comfortable vehicles that are not even in all modern European cities. One of the biggest gains of the tram system was the significant reduction in vehicle density in the city center. During this period, we carried out a large project on the Badger. Porsuk's floor was cleaned as much as possible, its surroundings were organized, the bridges were renovated. Bot and gondolas were made to be visited. Now we are going to implement the ropeway project. As a result, with the modernization of public buses, tram project and traveling on the Badger, the Teleferik Project will contribute significantly to tourism and will be implemented as a new alternative in the field of public transportation. Ler

2016 will be put into operation at the end

In the 2014, the project was carried out by Osmangazi University lecturers and 2015 stated that the decision was taken in the Municipal Council in March. Access to this area is only possible through the cable car. The most important reason for choosing between Çankaya Mahallesi-Odunpazarı is the difference of 2 meters between the 131 station and this is a very suitable height for the installation of the cable car line. It may be possible to extend the line to the vicinity of Ihlamurkent in line with the need. İhtiyaç

Büyükerşen pointed out that the ticketing would be done by Eskart on the standard tariff and said, durak Our citizens will be able to reach the tram easily at both stops and go to their destination more easily. The distance between the two stops will be only 6 minutes. 2 passenger 500 wagon in the system with the capacity of hourly 8 thousand 36 passengers will work continuously. With a cost of about 7 million Euros, the 14 will be sewn directly to stretch the lines. We are planning to put the project into operation at the end of 2016 under the coordination of Transportation Planning Department, but since the area where the works will be carried out is a historical region, the protection boards will be a factor in the progress of the project. Ulaşım

Büyükerşen, gez Teleferik Project, Eskişehir will make a significant contribution to tourism, visitors can go up and see the region from above, can visit the historical places. In addition, public transport through rubber wheeled vehicles will take place in a much shorter time frame. This, of course, will reduce the vehicle density to a certain extent, Bu he said.

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