Blue Train Gospel from Konya Deputy Hacı Ahmet Özdemir

Proceeds from Konya deputy Hacı Ahmet Özdemir: Prof. Dr. Hacı Ahmet Özdemir was also interested in the transportation demands of the citizens.

Konya Deputy Dr. Haci Ahmet Ozdemir, due to the death of his father accepted the condolence of the citizens of the transportation requests of the citizens closely interested in visits.

The blue train serving between Izmir and Konya continued uninterruptedly in Çavuşcugöl of Ilgın on the way from İzmir to Konya. Özdemir, taking into account the heavy demands of the citizens to stop the blue train in Çavuşcugöl, has solved this problem after the meetings with TCDD officials.

Ozdemir, said in a statement about the subject; Thanks to the dedication of the TCDD authorities, the Izmir-Konya Blue Train will bring in and remove passengers both on and off. 2.5 will have a monthly trial period, and if sufficient passenger capacity is reached during this time, the Çavuşcugöl stop will stop constantly. I would like to thank the people of TCDD who have shown sensitivity to this service in the name of Çavuşcugöl and the people of Çavuşcugöl.

Citizens also thanked Konya MP Hacı Ahmet Özdemir, who listened to their problems about transportation problems and resolved their problems.

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