Muşta Train accident

Muşta Train accident: According to the information received, the accident occurred in the level of the level of the town of Düzcela connected to the town of Hasköy.

1 person was injured as a result of the cargo train hitting TIR in Muş.

According to the information received, the accident occurred at the level crossing near Düzkışla town of Hasköy district. The 53583 freight train, which is active in the rail renewal works between Özden and Cizmeburnu, hit the TIR with 49 AU 573 plates at the level crossing. TIR driver Seyfettin Özsözlü was slightly injured in the accident. Stating that he did not notice the train and crashed at once, Özsözlü said, “I did not notice it, I saw a sound. I didn't realize the train was coming back or forth. I thought the train passed, I looked at it hit me. They were doing the rails and crashed back from there. ”

Gendarmerie took extensive security measures at the scene, while the citizens of the region away.

TIR, which falls on the side of the bridge where the crossing is at the level of the bridge, the tractor did not work with the help of the excavator came into operation. With the chain attached to the bucket, the TIR was removed from the drop. An investigation has been commenced about the incident.




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