Muş province general assembly, level crossings on the agenda were taken

In Muş provincial general assembly, accidents at the level crossings were brought to the agenda: Muş Provincial Assembly, traffic accidents occurred at the level crossings raised the agenda.
Muş Provincial Assembly, 2015 year investment program held the first meeting of August. The meeting was opened under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Ömer Çetinkaya and 13 agenda was discussed. Many agenda items were postponed at the meeting wishes and wishes section of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Deputy Chairman Mehmet Şakir Tuğrul, two days ago in the district of Hasköy Düzkışla district of the traffic accident occurred at the level crossing. Tuğrul stated that 4 lost his life and 3 was very disastrous. “2 days ago there was a terrible accident in Korkut. I wish God's mercy to our brother who lost his life in the accident and express my condolences to his grieving families. One of them was seriously injured, including 4. We wish God an urgent recovery from our wounded comrade 3. In general terms, the fate of our country, our city, if we say that, in fact, this type of accident, even if the name of the accident is negligent to say that I can easily say. Even if it is outside our jurisdiction, our parliament can take such a decision. By dividing our state railroad in two, there are road crossings in certain places. In fact, similar accidents have occurred in the past. After that, we can make a wish decision to prevent such accidents. I would like to invite the authorities to be sensitive about this. ”

Then the Chairman of the AK Party Group Mehmet Emin Bitim made a statement by taking the right to draw attention to the traffic accidents throughout the country, “Emergency events are very weary us. Especially human deaths. These traffic accidents in our country cause some carelessness and negligence. Two days ago, there was an accident on the state railways passing between Korkut and Hasköy. Indeed, every person who hears has been sorry for the loss of young people's lives. May Allah Almighty have mercy on our brothers who have crashed, and we would like to extend our condolences to their grieving families. We hope that such accidents will never happen again. May Allah forgive our youth..

Ömer Çetinkaya, the chairman of the provincial general assembly, noted that there were two level crossings in the central district of Muş and the district of Düzkışla in Hasköy district and said, g The young saplings in Muş are unfortunately victims of traffic accidents. This is actually a great tragedy. Unfortunately this is a negligence. Because the level crossing is supposedly made but the rails and the passage are not compatible with each other, vehicles are passing by force. There are insufficient security points around here and the authorities need to find an immediate solution to this. ”

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