Romantic Journey with Orient Express

Romantic Journey with Orient Express: We put on our most stylish clothes and walk on the red carpet and settle in the wagon of Orient Express. The windows open. The gentle wind is blowing. This nostalgic journey makes you feel like the frames of a movie or the pages of a novel.

I am interested in the journey itself, not with the place where the journey will take people, I love it… The road takes people away from what they have lived and brings them closer to themselves. It makes you feel the privilege of seeing, not looking at people. Our route is Venice… The first stop of the journey full of surprises is Belmond Hotel Cipriani, the most popular hotel in Venice. Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah is giving an invitation to Venice with the Venice Simplon-Orient Express Trains and Belmond Hotel Cipriani as part of the 125th birthday celebrations of Agatha Christie, the legendary author of the novel Murder on the Orient Express, and we will travel in this historical atmosphere. Hotel Cipriani was on our radar with images from George Clooney's glorious wedding. When he settled into one of the most private rooms of the hotel, he said, "Can't Clooney and his wife stay here on the wedding night?" I was excited by saying, but they remained in the room right across from me. The biggest surprise of the special celebration night, which is colored with the show of Agatha Christie's novel heroes, was to hear these words; "Tomorrow we are going to Verona by Orient Express." (With its new name Venice Simplon-Orient Express.) Here is the unknown, surprise, joy of the journey… But a little warning right after it: Please dress in style. Blue jeans, shorts and slippers are not possible… Venice is hot, not breathing. What are we going to wear? We all take care of it and go to the station with the most stylish clothes. Passengers who will get on the train feel special in every aspect. Red carpets are laid out. The staff is waiting for the passengers on the platform. And we are also very excited. First we take a small tour in the train and then move on to our own wagon for lunch. There is no air conditioning in the train. The windows open. We're going puffy. But whenever a high-speed train passes by us, it shakes, we are afraid of that noise. (Difficulties brought about by the age of speed!) Of course, a one-hour journey is one, and another one is to prepare for this journey… Among the passengers, stylish ladies catch my eye. Hair is built… Heeled shoes. Stylish clothes, pearls, etc… This nostalgic journey makes you feel special. We feel ourselves in the frames of a movie, in the pages of a novel, and take photos consecutively. After the fast and rough lives of the city, this atmosphere is good for all of us. The longing for the old maybe because of this; Living slowly with awareness. I feel like Agatha Christie while sitting by the windows of the four dining tables and eating our meals. I look at the finely embroidered wooden panels, curtains, silver dinner sets, and lace-covered sofas. (The comfort of sleeper cabins is just like the most luxurious hotel rooms.) You will travel alone on this train… There will be a pencil and a paper in front of you. You will pass through cities, pass through people, pass through lives… You will go to yourself in the midst of choo-chug sounds, to dream. And you will enjoy your life and your life… And maybe you will write your own novel.


There are three restaurants in the 85-cabin train. L'etoile du Nord, Cote d'Azur and L'Oriental. The trips are made between the months of March. The definition of luxury has now changed. People are after collecting memories and having special experiences. It is important to have a story to tell. Of course, there is a price for this. The journey with Orient Express is undoubtedly very special. It's even more special if you can place yourself in its story. I took a look at the company's travel schedule. You arrive in Paris by spending a night and two days on the train departing from Venice, the price is 2080 euro. The expedition on August 28 is more special. The train, which comes to Istanbul once a year, will depart from Paris on 28 August. It will be in Istanbul on 2 September after Budapest and Bucharest. The price of this journey is 7130 euro.


Orient Express made its first voyage in 1883. The destination of the train departing from Paris was Istanbul. Although different routes were used afterwards, Paris, the cultural capital of Europe, and Istanbul, the pearl of the east, became the most famous stations of the legendary train. Mata Hari, the novelist Agatha Christie, the Bulgarian King Ferdinand, the rich and the nobility all came to Istanbul on this train. And Pera Palas Hotel was opened so that European wealthy people could continue this luxury they lived on the train in Istanbul and meet their expectations. Agatha Christie was inspired by a trip to Istanbul in her famous detective novel Murder on the Orient Express, written in 1934. He wrote the novel in room 411 of Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah.

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