Accident 4 injured at level crossing in Palu

Accident at level crossing in Palu 4 injured: A train hit a private car trying to cross the level crossing in the Palu district of Elazig. 4 people in the car were injured.

According to information obtained, to move the spouse and children to the New Neighborhood Yaşar Güneş, 23 P 3028 plate in the management of the private automobile passing through the open area instead of the passage, the direction of Bekir Foreign Palu'dan Elazığ in the direction of the 57 754 single-numbered Hit the machine. Zülfü Güneş, his nephew, Ahmet Güneş, Sevim Güneş and his children, Ahmet Birah Güneş were injured. 112 crews from the scene by the wounded were taken to the state hospital hospital, the machinist Bekir Foreign police officers were taken to the expression of foreign expression. Accident investigation was learned about the investigation.

Citizens want to catch the level of the level of illegal leakage, saying, "Mayor wanted to close this place, there is little passageway in the future, some people pass, some people pass, people will die better," he expressed their reactions.

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