This Is How The Near-Miss Train Crashed

Boyle was rescued near the train crash
Boyle was rescued near the train crash

The incident on the railroad stunned those who saw it. The footage of the man who survived the crash within seconds of the train was captured moment by moment by the security camera.

In the incident that occurred in England, the man on the rails was rescued by the railway worker near the train crash. The man who tries to cross the train tracks with his bike falls to the ground on the tracks. The man presumed to be drunk takes the bike and throws it to the roadside. Meanwhile, the man, unaware of the train, is busy collecting his belongings that fall on the tracks. Noticing the situation, the railroad worker runs, jumping on the man and rolling it across the road. It is observed that the man who survived thanks to the worker, seconds before the train hit, was surprised at what happened.

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