The tender process for Antalya rail system vehicles

Tender process for Antalya rail system vehicles: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has put out a tender for vehicles that will work on the 2nd stage rail system line. From Meydan, the last stop of the current line, to the International Botanical Fair EXPO Antalya to be held in Antalya in 2016, the Metropolitan will receive 18 vehicles for the line that will extend to the fair area in Aksu. The tender will be held on 25 August.
The tender process has started for the vehicles that will work on the Antalya 2nd Stage Light Rail System Line, which will be implemented together with the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication. Within the scope of the project, which has a project cost of 297 million 762 thousand TL, the tender to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality for the supply of vehicles under its own responsibility will be held on 25 August.

The project of the 1nd stage project, designed as a continuation of the Antalya 2st stage rail system line, will be integrated into the existing line at the Meydan stop. While the project is also thought to play an important role in the planned development of the city in the east, EXPO 2016, which is considered as one of the most important recreation areas of the city, is designed to serve public institutions, residential areas and the airport.

The stops in the 2016nd stage work planned to be 18 kilometers on the square-Airport-EXPO 2 fairground line, Perge, Barracks, Artillery, Democracy, Cırnık, Altınova, Yenigöl, Sinan, Crossroads-Airport International Lines, Airport Domestic Lines, Anfaş, Kurşunlu, Aksu and designated as EXPO 2016. While it is envisaged that approximately 60 percent of the route will be separated from other traffic in the project, it will reach the airport with a branch departing from the 7.6th kilometer of the route. Approximately 18.1 kilometers of the line, which has a total length of 16.9 kilometers, was designed as level, 980 meters as cut and cover and 214 meters as bridge type. While the stops are placed in the sections where travel demands are expected to be intense in the project, the system is envisaged to have a carrying capacity of 2016 thousand per hour for 7, 2020 thousand 7 passengers per hour in 900 and 2030 thousand 10 per hour in 300.

Arrays consisting of 28 or 35 vehicles, 1 to 2 meters long, will be used in the system. Arrays will be able to work with single or double vehicles. In the tender to be made for new vehicles, the Metropolitan Municipality is based on the smooth operation of the vehicles on the existing line, while providing maintenance and repair services for the tender vehicles during the 2-year warranty, supplying spare parts and consumables, periodic maintenance of the vehicles, preventive and protective maintenance, heavy maintenance and breakdown groups. It also includes the training of the staff.

In addition to features such as modern and distinctive appearance, minimal impact on the environment, compatibility with contemporary living conditions, the vehicle is fixed for passenger comfort, windows and doors are closed;

In the tender, which will be made on the basis of the most economically advantageous offer and open to international participation, after the completion of the process, the tender will be awarded. kazanBy the end of the 14th month, the company will have delivered 18 vehicles to the Metropolitan Municipality. Accordingly, the Metropolitan will buy the first two vehicles at the end of the 6th month after the signing of the contract. The Metropolitan Municipality, which will receive 8 more vehicles in the 4th month, will have received 2 vehicles by purchasing 4 more vehicles in 18-month periods. Accordingly, a maximum of 23 vehicles will be able to work for the EXPO, which will open its doors on April 2016, 6.

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