Turkey geneline power outage that stopped once the metro and tram

Officials say the trouble may take several hours. The experienced great hardship Turkey Electrical Communication AŞ allegedly caused by a problem experienced in the system. There is a general fault in the system. There are cutbacks in South East Turkey. It was learned that the cutoff in Southeast Anatolia was caused by the collapse of the system in DEDAŞ's main transformer. No official statement has been made so far. It's not exactly what the problem is.

In Turkey, TEIAS (Turkey Electricity Transmission Company) indicated that induced power outages negatively impacted his life. Citizens continued on their way due to a power outage that hit Marmaray and metro flights in particular. Marmaray flights stopped in Istanbul due to a power outage. Citizens arriving at Ayrılıkçeşme station were rejected by officials. Citizens who stated that no explanation was made to them reacted to the situation. Kadikoy tradesmen run a generator due to a power outage

According to the first statements, due to a problem in the system of TEIAS, electricity was cut off in many cities, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Therefore, metro and tram services stopped. In Istanbul, Marmaray and other lines could not be done when the passengers had to get out of the vehicles and the lines of footsteps. Citizens arriving to take the metro and tram were also turned down.

After the power failure, İBB Beyaz Masa made a statement from the twitter account. The description is as follows.
Traffic lights do not work due to a power outage in Ankara. Metro operations in Ankara could not be carried out due to power outages

In the news of local sites in Kocaeli, the electricity went to the city. . There is a huge power outage throughout the city. In the waters of the 10.30 hour, electricity went off in most of the city. Due to the interruption, production was stopped in many factories. It is claimed that the outage was caused by an explosion but SEDAŞ has not yet made a statement. Kes

I stopped living in Bursa ... Turkey is also electrically in Bursa, as in many provinces were cut off ... Still no explanation about the cause of the interruption ... traffic signal lamps due to interruption does not work ... Traffic police warned citizens to be careful during the transition ... underground in Bursa voyages have also stopped ğı Among the information obtained in the case of a number of citizens stranded in Bursaray wagons sefer

Turkey's power outage occurred in several provinces, was paralyzed life in Samsun. Due to the lack of trams, passengers were moved by buses. Electricity in Samsun was cut after the failure in the communication infrastructure. Trams, especially between the university and the stop of the trams stopped after many citizens have caused the victim to stop. In order not to be victims of waiting passengers in front of the tram stations, the Metropolitan Municipality sent the citizens to the destination with the buses they sent to the region. Citizens who react to the late arrival of buses, the power failure can not give a meaning in such a period of such malfunctions, said it was strange. After the interruption, many offices and passages were buried in darkness. Some bazaar shopkeepers in front of the shop with the generators they tried to resolve the need for electricity. Traffic lights in the city center on the occasional traffic disruptions occurred.

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