Report on Izmir tram projects

Report on Izmir tram projects: It is explained that TRAMVAY systems, which are an important sub-type of public transportation systems in urban transportation, have been tendered by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Izmir city and brought to application stage.
Izmir Transportation Master Plan completed in 2006 in 2009-2009 years and made strategic recommendations to urban transportation problems.
The Transportation Master Plan defined four sub-systems for the public transport in İzmir Urban Transportation.
• Suburban Railway Network (İZBAN)
• Light Rail Network (Metro)
• Gulf Steamers Network
• Tram Network
Among these subsystems, the section of the Accelerated Suburban network, Aliağa-Cumaovası, was completed and commissioned. In the main transportation plan, there are propositions for the development of the southern axis of Selcuk (Ephesus) and the North axis to the Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone. The transportation plan represents the year of 2020.
The light rail network (subway) was put into operation on the east-west axis with the addition of the Bornova EÜ, Evka3 - Hatay American College stations on the Bornova EÜ-Hatay Üçyol axis which is in operation. The construction of the Üçkuyular section continues. Bornova center, -Halkapınar, Çamdibi, Altındağ, Otogar, -Üçyol, Şirinyer, Buca, DEÜ Campus, - Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe, Urla, İYTE Campus HRS suggestions are also included in the city plans.
In the Gulf Steamers network, the development of piers, which are proposed for the transportation plan, cannot be monitored yet and there are studies for the commissioning of new ferries (a new car ferry and a new passenger ferry).
In Izmir Transportation Main Plan, Izmir Tram Management is recommended as five different routes. These routes include;
-Alaybey- Bostanlı-Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone,
-Buca center
-Bornov to-flagged
Narlıdere - Güzelbahçe-Urla lines.
Alsancak-Konak-Üçkuyular line was defined in Kent Nazım Development Plans and it was announced that the place where the auctions were made was in the delivery stage.
For the tramway system of the Izmir transportation main plan ler Providing public transport with high-capacity, environment-friendly and non-polluting tramway systems that minimize traffic accidents by reducing the density of municipal buses on the routes where the public bus lines are intensively used and the traffic problems are intense. It is an important foresight. dür
(In the city, it is recommended that the implementation of the reduction of bus lines, which are now being put into practice and being the subject of controversy, is put into operation and the new main piers and ferries are increased.)
Tramway Projects, which are announced to be implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, are an important and correct project for İzmir within the scope of the main stratage of the city, which is the proposal of the city's Main Transportation Master Plan and the settlement of the urban public transportation system by the integration of rail systems and sea transportation.
However, during the implementation of this correct and necessary project, there are missing and problematic choices in the application-design decisions of the selected routes and routes.
Alsancak-Konak-Üçkuyular tram line between Alsancak Railway Station-Konak between the section of the Şair Eşref Boulevard tramway rails in the center of the median, Montreux and Lausanne Square crossings, Republic Square transition is seen problematic.
When the city of Izmir is trying to overcome the problem of green poverty it has inherited from the past, it would be a great mistake in this sense to eliminate the trees on the grounds of the tramway and the tramway. If the traces of the tram are projected in the current traffic route, new values ​​can be gained without destroying the existing values ​​of the city.

Şair Eşref Boulevard, Lausanne and Montreux Square

(On our criticism, BŞB announced that they had decided to pass the rails in the current traffic route rather than the median in the poet Eşref Boulevard. This was a very correct and positive revision.)
However, the troubled decisions still continue in the passage of Şehit Nevres Boulevard - Cumhuriyet Square - Şehit Fethi Bey Street. Especially in the transition to the Republic square, the existing traffic can be cut at two points. It is probably composed of lighted 2 junction. It is necessary to examine carefully in terms of traffic safety and operational problem. (Project details should be explained.)

Şehit Nevres Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square, Şehit Fethi Bey Street

On the Konak-Üçkuyular route, the tram is projected to be crossed by Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard.
In this route, while there is already a current situation that makes access to the shore quite a lot of traffic with the 2 × 3 traces in the area between the structures and the sea, the connection between the coast and the human being will be further cut by the taking of the tram road, in other words, the access of people to the shore will become more problematic.

Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı and Mithatpasa Street aerial photo

Elderly, disabled, child etc. it will be very difficult for the users to reach the shore by crossing the motorway, the tramway, the motorway, the median and the motorway again. In the current use, different user segments can cross the shore at traffic lights but only in two phases. This decision is in conflict with the design sensitivity towards the effective use of the coast and the bay, which is being implemented as a correct policy by the Metropolitan Municipality, even if the point design and implementation problems are followed in some application areas such as the passport sector.
The iştir Üçkuyular - Konak coastline hal has already made the coastal use of pedestrians very difficult, with a busy traffic route on the 6 track. There is a very narrow pedestrian area between the road and the sea. Only a strip of 2-3 meters was able to separate the green tissue. The inhabitants of this region can only breathe in areas that are between roads and apartment buildings (where relatively large areas can be located in places) and can have a little green texture over the years. Passing this tram between the road and apartment buildings on the coastline means that the last social and green areas here are destroyed.
Our proposal is to pass the existing structures of the tram between Konak and Uckuyular to Mithatpasa Street instead of the sea side, so that access to the tram and access to the coast are easier.
One of the most important strategies of Izmir Transportation Master Plan is to eliminate roadside parking lots and to solve this demand in closed parking lots. When this recommendation is implemented, possible problems related to the passage of the tram from Mithatpaşa Street will be completely eliminated.
In this context, the transition to Mithatpaşa Street will be a more rational decision because of the ease of access to the tram.
Especially in the most important cities of Europe (Vienna-Prague-Amsterdam etc.) where there is intense construction, the possibilities of urban traffic roads are used for the trams, and a traffic culture is formed in the city population.

With the similar practices in İzmir, the awareness that public transport is the priority in urban transportation should be adopted.
Buca center tram line, Bornova - Bayrakli tram line and Narlidere Guzelbahce tram line, because there is no detailed information can not be evaluated.
Alaybey - Bostanlı - Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone for the tram line, we try to define the above-mentioned principles in detail, the information sharing on the details of our expectations is expected to be multiplied. (16 July 2014)

This report has been prepared by the Board of Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects

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