2 thousand 533 graves are being transported within the scope of the Malatya ring road construction

2 thousand 533 graves are being transported within the scope of the construction of the Malatya ring road.
According to the information provided by the Metropolitan Municipality, the 8 grave 50 grave at the Kuyuönü cemetery, which is located on the road route, has started to be transported due to the 2 km length 533 meter wide South Zone road opening work. The tombs moved to the City Cemetery are transported under the supervision of religious officials in accordance with their religious duties. Relatives of the funerals can accompany the transport operations. Transfer operations to the city cemetery from the Kuyuönü cemetery is expected to take 5 months. In order to follow up the transactions related to the transfers and to give information to the citizens, the liaison office was opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in the cemetery. Grave owners can get detailed information by calling the liaison office in the cemetery or by calling the 336 14 41-336 14 43 0538 493 44 12 0534 839-32 77 XNUMX XNUMX phone numbers.
In line with the opening and widening of the South Belt Highway, the necessary permits were obtained from the Ministry of Interior for the graves to be transported, while the local newspaper was announced in connection with the tombs to be transferred.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:25

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