In Germany, the toll was passed by parliament

In Germany, the toll fee was passed by the parliament: The bill prepared for the paying of highways in Germany was passed yesterday with the votes of the deputies of the parties forming the government. If the bill becomes law, the annual highway fee will be 74 Euros.

The draft bill, which causes highways to be paid in GERMANY, was approved in the Federal Assembly. The draft bill on the toll, which was insisted by the junior partner of the federal government, the Christian Social Union (CSU) Party, was approved by the approval of 433 deputies at the end of the vote in the parliament. 128 deputies voted no to the bill, while six abstained.

In the bill, the annual fee of the highways is expected to be 74 Euro. 74 Euro vehicles can pay off the vehicle tax.


Foreign plates from outside Germany and using German motorways will pay 10 daily, bi-monthly or annual freeway fees.

Criticism came that the bill prepared by the Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt is against the European Union law. While some experts said the law would return from the European Union, the minister argued that the bill passed by the parliament was in line with the European Union law.



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