Artvin Güreşen Viaduct Project

Artvin Güreşen Viaduct Project: With the inauguration of the Borçka Muratlı Dam, the Artvin Güreşen Viaduct Project, which is planned to be built in the region extending about 25 kilometers to the district, was put on the table.
Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit and the AK Party Artvin deputy Israfil Barracks with the initiative of Borcka district and Gureşen village will shorten approximately 25 kilometers 300 meters long, 57 meter height and the 12 meter-wide arch bridge project work is going to be done.
Deputy Governor of the meeting held in the governorship hall, Deputy Governor Hasan Ongu, Governor of Borçka Shakir Oner Ozturk, Borcka Mayor Aslan Atan, AK Party Artvin Province President Erkan Balta, DSI 26. Regional Manager Dinçer Aydoğan, Highways 10. Deputy Regional Director Turgay Çolak and Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Orhan Yazıcı participated.
It was planned to build a suspension bridge and connection roads to the existing Muratlı road so that Çavuşlu, Dikici and Güreşen villages located on the left bank of the Çoruh River reach Borcka without making a ring on the Muratlı provincial road.
In order to determine the most suitable private bridge type from Proyapı Engineering and Consultancy firm, services were purchased to produce alternative projects.
In this context, Volkan Topaloğlu from Proyapı Engineering and Consulting made a presentation about the 4 alternative viaduct prepared by him.
Making a statement after the meeting, Deputy Kışla said that due to the construction of Borcka Muratlı Dam, the road of 5 villages in the Güreşen region stretched 12 kilometers, including 12 kilometers going and 24 kilometers coming.
Citizens complained that the situation for years, said deputy Kışla, said:
“Our citizens have demands such as the construction of a suspension bridge over the Muratlı Dam. It is a difficult situation because we have problems at the addressee institution. DSI, Highways, Special Provincial Administration made a protocol and started the study to see if we could build this bridge over our Provincial Special Administration. At this stage, an engineering firm made presentations with 4 alternatives. There is an agreement on feasibility and cost in one of the projects offered by the company. Our friends will make preparations for the tender of the project as soon as possible. After the project is out, if we can obtain the necessary support for the investment program within the scope of the discovery, cost and the possibilities of the country, we will eliminate the problems of the people in the Güreşen area as soon as possible. We set out on this subject. I hope my Lord will help us do it. "
The barracks, they follow the project and said that a modern viaduct will be built in the region in a short time.

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