New hotel in Ilgaz ski resort

New hotel for Ilgaz Ski Center: The official institution building located in Ilgaz Mountain Yıldıztepe Ski Center will be put out to tender to be operated as a hotel.

Çankırı Governor Vahdettin Özcan told reporters that a tender will be held on March 19 for the use of the official institution building as a hotel.

Ozcan said that the building will be awarded for 20 yearbook for tourism purposes, said:

“The building, which is 3,5 kilometers away from Ilgaz Tunnel, which will connect Çankırı to Kastamonu, is 6 floors including the basement. The building consists of 27 rooms. In addition, there is a Turkish bath and sauna. Two football fields, one synthetic and the other natural grass, located in the tourism field close to the official institution building, will also be operated by the contractor. In addition, the 2-kilometer and 4,5-kilometer-long ski run, the chair lift with a carrying capacity of 2,5 people per hour and 200 baby lift facilities are also within the tourism area. Ilgaz will become a new alternative for teams that want to camp. "

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