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Kayseri Transportation Inc. Quality Quality will Floor: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., which was short name Kaldor Turkey Quality Association members. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik signed a declaration of goodwill at the ceremony held in this context.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the OSB Conference Hall with the participation of Kalder President Hamdi Doğan, OSB Deputy Chairman Şükrü Boydak and Kalder Kayseri Representation Advisory Board Chairman Sami Boydak, as well as industrialists and businessmen, President Çelik said that those who do not improve quality, whether it be a company or a public institution, will fall behind their competitors. He said, “Today, if an enterprise, an institution does not develop and renew itself, it cannot achieve quality. The business that does not raise the quality above certain standards falls behind its competitors. The same is true in public enterprises as well as in the private sector. As a municipality, voter satisfaction means what customer satisfaction is in businesses. One of the prerequisites for achieving quality is to have someone from outside auditing yourself and taking their advice and suggestions into consideration. In this sense, we became a member of Kalder National Quality Movement as Transportation Inc., whose quality and success has already been registered with various awards ”.

Stressing that this protocol will add quality to the existing quality of Transportation Inc., President Çelik listed the awards received and said, “We received awards from reliable institutions at national and international scale with the quality certificates we have done in previous years. We have turned our understanding of quality into a lifestyle, a corporate culture. 'Best Urban Integration Award' in 2010, 'Best Light Rail System Award' in 2010 and 'Sustainable Development Award' in 2011 are some of them. In addition, we have the Transformation in Transportation / Best Project Award, the Efficiency Award in the Excellence Index made by IETT and the documents we have received from many different quality management systems. In short, Ulasim AS is a company with a certified quality, but we create a joint working area with Kalder in order to achieve more perfection ”.

After the speeches at the ceremony, a badge was worn by Kalder President Hamdi Doğan and a certificate of membership was given to President Çelik.

Both presidents later signed the National Quality Movement Declaration of Goodwill.

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