Immigration from Kayseri will prevent commuter train

The suburban train will be integrated into the rail system in the city center between the Yeşilhisar-İncesu-Kayseri and Kayseri-Sarioğlan.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik announced that the railway line, which will be opened by TCDD for suburban train services between Yeşilhisar and Sarıoğlan districts, will be integrated into the rail system (tram) in the city center with an additional project. Stating that the project is of great importance for Kayseri, Çelik said, "With this project, which is planned to be implemented in a short time, we aim to prevent migration from rural to central." The speed of railway projects waiting to be handled in Kayseri kazanStating that he met with the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs for the meeting, and then met with TCDD senior officials in Kayseri, Çelik said, “First we had a meeting with the minister. Then, we met with TCDD Deputy General Managers İsmail Murtazaoğlu, Emin Tekbaş and other senior officials of TCDD and discussed the projects waiting to be implemented one by one. The main theme of the talks was the railway line, which is in the city and waiting to be moved to the north, the Boğazköprü Jojistik Village and Yeşilhisar - Sarıoğlan suburban train line, which counts the days for opening, and the Kayseri High Speed ​​​​Train Projects, which were tendered a while ago.

Çelik stated that the project works for the suburban line between Yeşilhisar-İncesu-Kayseri and Kayseri-Sarioğlan will be served on the total 130 km route and stated that-With this project, the horizon will be opened in Kayseri. The last 20 in Kayseri received serious immigration over the years. In addition to neighboring provinces, it is also receiving immigration from its own countryside. In other words, the population in the districts is shifting to the center. We, as the municipality, have started a rural development move to stop or even reverse the migration. We make very serious investments in the districts. On the one hand we solve the problems in the upper and lower structure, on the other hand we implement many social equipment. We are also developing projects to make transportation faster and more comfortable. Ayrıca

Çelik said that the suburban line of Yeşilhisar-Kayseri-Arasoğlan was one of the first projects of the project. Hay In order to make the suburban train project more efficient, we decided to integrate the line into the city rail system with an additional project. We will bring the train to the east of the city and near Kaykop, by introducing a new line of thousand 200 meters to the urban rail system. So the Sarıoğlan commuter line will be connected to the rail system. In the west of the city, we will lay the 4.8 kilometer railway line to Boğazköprü Station starting from the last stop of the rail system in front of the Kayseri Free Zone. In this way, the integration of railroad trains from Yeşilhisar and İncesu direction will be ensured. Bö

YHT is a crossroads in Kayseri
Çelik stated that the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways is working on these projects and that investments have been made to implement the investments since the beginning of 2016. In Another interview subject is the high-speed trend (YHT) which all the people of Kayseri look forward to. This project was also a good place. Our main wish was to work on YHT in Kayseri-Istanbul line standards. Memnunuz, because the Kayseri line is planned according to the speed of 250 km per hour as Istanbul line. The route was determined and the project work started. The Kayseri-Ankara line will be connected to Antalya via Kayseri-Nevsehir-Konya at the same time. Again through this line, Ulukışla will go to Adana and Mersin through YHT, Kirikkale will go to Samsun on the YHT line of project work has started. In other words, Kayseri is the main crossroads of YHT. We are at the intersection of both the north-south line and the east-west line. This situation will increase the commercial and industrial importance of the city in the coming years, Bu he said.

According to the agreement made between the General Directorate of TCDD and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, commuter train services will be organized between Yeşilhisar in the west of the city and Sarıoğlan districts in the east. Kayseri and Incesu OIZs will benefit from the services to be made on the existing railway line of the 130 kilometers between the two districts, as well as the settlements on the Yeşilhisar route. President Mustafa Celik, Kayseri North Railway line is over, the line will be opened after the new railway station construction will be opened. Steel used the following statement: unda In order to relieve the transportation problem of the city, we will set up suburban flights on the existing railway which provides transportation in Kayseri-Adana and Kayseri-Sivas directions. On the Kayseri-Adana route, the suburban line which will start from Yeşilhisar passes through İncesu OSB through İncesu district. The line will be connected to Kayseri OSB in the Boğazköprü section with the 4.8 km hair line and will be integrated with the rail system. In the east entrance of the city, the Sarıoğlan commuter line is integrated into the rail system. Thus, both the public transport service by rail and the people going from the OIZs to the city center and from the OIZs going to the city center will be benefited from the departures both from the city center.

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