Fan and emergency assistance phones were removed in Amasra tunnel opened by Minister Elvan

Fan and emergency help phones were dismantled in the Amasra tunnel opened by Minister Elvan: When the Amasra Tunnel, which was completed between Bartın and Amasra District, had emergency assistance telephones with jets providing the only missing ventilation, the subcontractors found an unusual solution. In order to complete the pre-ceremonial shortcomings, the equipment that was dismantled from a continuing construction in Sinop was hastily fitted to the Amasra Tunnel. The problem was that after a while the equipment was returned.
25 was removed from the amasra tunnel with the aid of jet airways and emergency aid phones in the Amasra Tunnel opened in December with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan. The lighting poles at the entrance of the tunnel were also removed because there was more. Drivers reacted to the situation.

The Amasra Tunnel, which has a total length of 1100 meters, has been opened to service with a ceremony attended by Minister Lütfi Elvan. The subcontractor, who undertook the ventilation, emergency communication and lighting works of the tunnel, dismantled the emergency help phones with the 8 jetfan in the tunnel. Jetfan and phones, the construction of the tunnel completed in Sinop said. The subcontractor dismantled the lighting poles on both sides of the tunnel at the entrance of the tunnel. 50 has been removed from the total 30.
Bahatttin Aslan, the subcontractor of the subcontractor, said that the jet jets and emergency aid phones that were installed in the tunnel were brought in from Sinop for opening. The construction of the Tunnel Tunnel Amasra construction company in Sinop indicating that the ongoing tunnel construction, said Arslan, said:
Or We are doing the work of the company in Sinop. The jetfan we ordered for that place came. This place had the opening issue. Jetfanlar from abroad to take longer to bring the jetfanların "Sinop'a Let's get it," he said. But the fans here still haven't come. When the tunnel was finished in Sinop, we sent these people back to Sinop. This is the case. This is not a completed, finished project. We've got the emergency phone calls. They told us 'Open it'. We opened with temporary ventilation, communication. Geçici
Bahattin Arslan, in connection with the removal of the lighting poles, “Highways to us, 'This is not a very busy traffic zone. Do not need to do this as long as the line lighting. They said, olursa If there is lighting in the entrance and exit of the tunnel, it is enough. T We said 'okay'. Now remove the lighting poles Şimdi he said.

The officials of the 156 Bartin Branch of Highways reported that the jet and emergency services were dismantled because they did not comply with the tender specifications. An official who did not want his name written said:
Dır As a result, it is the event of fitting products that are not in compliance with the specification and project. It doesn't interest us to come from Sinop or somewhere else. It was supposed to be brought to this place. You cannot bring the material sent to another place. This is not appropriate under the Tender Act. The chic of this was the replacement of new ones after dismantling. They're fixing that. Products that are prepared in accordance with the specifications will be installed in a short time. Kısa
Governor Seyfettin Azizoglu said they would be better equipped to bring the fans and phones to the tunnel. Azizoğlu said, Aziz They will wear new ones. That's the information we're given to us. The more powerful ones and the fast ones will be installed. Fan

The drivers who used the tunnel asked that the lighting and ventilation in the tunnel were insufficient, that it was wrong to open this place before the end, and how to reach the authorities in case of a possible failure in the tunnel.

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