What We Don't Know About Trains: What is Boji?

What is Boji? : Bogie is a component of railway vehicles. Its task is to ensure the movement of the wheels and the rest of the vehicle.
The main purpose of the bogie is to provide a more harmonious passage of long railway vehicles on curved rails, to obtain a second spring step in the fixed position train wheel axle, which has a rigid structure, in order to eliminate the connection with the irregularities in the positions of the rails in the wagon part of the vehicle, thus increasing the comfort in driving. Bogies are the component responsible for providing better ride characteristics, less wear on the track and less danger of derailment. As the number of axles in the bogie increases, their positioning at the rail bends becomes more important. kazanyeast begins.

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  1. bogies = to carry the wagon and the load, to provide more coherence to the curves, to increase comfort and to ensure the safety of travel vibrations by vibrating vibration reduces vibration. The most important thing is to increase the load capacity of the wagon and to use the longest wagon that will fit the bends.