Gap Winter Games in the Bitlist Ended with Award Ceremony

The Gap Winter Games Ended with the Award Ceremony: The 9th GAP Winter Games organized by the General Directorate of Youth Sports in Bitlis ended with the award ceremony.

The races started at Bitlis Erhan Onur Güler Ski Center on January 30. 16 athletes from 267 provinces participated. Today, the games ended with competitions in Alp, North discipline and snowboard. In the competitions, Bingöl took the first place in the Alpine Discipline, Erzincan and the third place in Erzurum. In the northern discipline, the first Ağrı, the second Muş and the third were Erzincan.

Following the completion of the competitions, an award ceremony was held with the participation of Ömer Kalkan, Head of the Department of Youth Services Sports. Speaking at the ceremony, Head of Department Ömer Kalkan congratulated all the athletes and awarded the winners.


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