The decision of non-prosecution in the investigation of corruption in TCDD

The decision of non-prosecution in the TCDD corruption investigation: The investigation of 52 people, including General Manager Süleyman Karaman with the allegation of corruption and bribery in the state railway tenders, was decided not to prosecute.

Thus, the 210 million pounds corruption file was closed before going to court. The prosecutors, who decided not to prosecute, became a member of the Supreme Court.

17 and 25 after closure of investigation files given to the December decision not to prosecute, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) was nol pros about the investigation into allegations of corruption.

52 in the investigation of the 25 person, including General Director of State Railways Suleyman Karaman 2o million pounds of the XNUMX separate bid was misled and allegedly bribed.

According to Cumhuriyet newspaper, the investigation was decided not to prosecute. The chief prosecutor, Fethi Simsek, who had decided not to prosecute, and Veli Dalgali, acting attorney general, were elected as members of the Supreme Court.

Suleyman Karaman was nominated for a parliamentary candidate from the AK Party.


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