Seyrantepe Metro crash anchored to the hips of iron

Seyrantepe Metro crash was anchored to his hip Iron, applied to the Prosecutor to Reconcile: Seyrantepe Metro line accident on the hip part of the passenger stuck the passenger, the prosecutor applied to compromise with the responsible.
In the incident that took place in September in the Sanayi Mahallesi - Seyrantepe Line of the Istanbul Metro, the subway leaving Seyrantepe was out of control between the Seyrantepe-Sanayi Mahallesi metro line, whose technical studies are still continuing, while the 33-year-old Fatih from passengers pierced the front wagon of the subway. She pierced through the Shepherd's hip. After the incident, firefighters and paramedics cut the iron bar stuck in the Shepherd's hip and sent the victim to the hospital.
The investigation was initiated by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and the victim was taken to the court. Fatih Çoban stated that he had complained in his first statement and then applied to the prosecutor's office. He said that “I would like to reach a compromise if my material and spiritual social rights are met İlk.
Winning the prosecutor's office after the accident, the Forensic Medicine Report in the report, Shepherd's social life is not a permanent problem was told about. Prosecutor in charge of the investigation prosecutor wanted to compromise after the Istanbul Transportation Department and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality wrote a letter asking about the views of reconciliation.
In the article sent by the Prosecutor's Office to Istanbul Transportation Department and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 29 was reminded that the train was disembarked at Seyrantepe Metro Station on September 2014, and that there was no fault in the train and that the iron rod had sunk in Fatih Coban's body.
Fatih Çoban injured in the accident reported that he wanted to compromise with the prosecutor's office, recording that the crime of tabi taksirle wounding ”is connected to the complaint and reconciliation of the crimes reminded the Istanbul Transportation Department and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality asked them to give their opinion on reconciliation.
If the Istanbul Transportation Department and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have expressed a positive opinion on the settlement, the file will be sent to the settlement office in the coming days.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 19:58

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