Muratpaşa Municipality Received Asphalt Milling Machine

Muratpaşa Municipality Asphalt Milling Machine Received: Muratpaşa Municipality using resources efficiently, in order to provide fast and high quality service in line with the infrastructure and technical equipment investments are continuing.
Muratpaşa Municipality asphalt milling machine that allows the recycling of old asphalt allows the re-use of the asphalt milling machine included in the Directorate of Science Works Directorate of State Material Office (DMO) was reported to be purchased by the service offered. Asphalt milling machine 2 meter width, if desired, 30 can go down to the centimeter asphalt scraping process, 150-300 meters per hour asphalt road scraping, re-evaluation of the old asphalt, reducing road construction costs and fulfilling important tasks such as preventing loss of material It was.
Muratpaşa Municipality Director of Science Affairs Arif Kuş said: “I would like to thank Muratpaşa Municipality Mayor Ümit Uysal, who provided the purchase of this machine that increases our power and speed for service to Muratpaşa, on behalf of our employees and citizens. Asphalt milling machine 1 million 50 cost £ thousand. In addition, Loder was taken to 380 thousand TL as loading vehicle. Both of our vehicles were purchased from DMO. ”


Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:01

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