Request to Edit Disabled People in Sidewalks in Kusadasi

The desire to regulate the disabled people in Kuşadası: Disabled citizens living in Kuşadası want to make arrangements on the sidewalks of the newly constructed ring road.
While the works for the completion of the construction of the ring road, which has been continuing for nearly 1 years in Kuşadası, are continuing, the efforts to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities on the pavement and side roads connected to the ring road have led to reactions. The disabled citizens, who noted that they were not considered in the new sidewalks, said,, They did not think of us in the sidewalks connected to the ring road. No work has been done to make our life easier. We are experiencing tremendous difficulties when using these new pavements. We demand that the new sidewalks of the Municipality and Highways be arranged to make life easier for us. Belediye


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