HGS Criminal Inquiry and Subscription Procedures

HGS Criminal Inquiry and Subscription Procedures: People who do not want to wait at the toll stations of the highways and bridges that are paid, and a special system has been introduced under the name of HGS in order to ensure that the traffic flows more regularly and quickly.
With this application called Fast Pass System, people can continue their way without waiting by passing through these toll booths quickly by paying tolls via automatic systems.
HGS is therefore being cared for by vehicle drivers and is used by many vehicle owners. HGS system is very useful for people who travel on these lines continuously and pass through tolls. This system is very useful for people who pass through HGS tolls every day without making money in long queues.
HGS subscription is done in our country via PTT. PTT, which is the authority in the transactions related to HGS in our country, provides service to vehicle owners in all areas from opening to subscription. In order to benefit from HGS system, it is necessary to subscribe to the system first. Otherwise, it is not possible to use the lanes allocated for the HGS system and pass through these tolls. Penalties are applied for those who act in this way. These people are given a penalty of up to 11 times the toll. These people should not use HGS tolls to avoid heavy penalties. HGS penalty is canceled if the persons who receive the penalty in this way are subscribed within 7 days at the latest. The procedures for the subscription are simple and are made in a short time. For this purpose, it is sufficient to go with the vehicle information. After this subscription, a label is attached to the vehicle. These labels should be adhered to the most suitable location of the vehicle and HGS can be used. For HGS subscribers, HGS subscription must have the required fee. In this way, each HGS of the vehicle is charged a toll on this balance. The HGS, which is controlled by an automated system, therefore fulfills all the necessary procedures for the collection of wages in vehicle passes as well as for illegal vehicle transits.
HGS Criminal Inquiry HGS system, people who use the leakage, HGS criminal inquiry can receive detailed information about HGS penalties received by entering the PTT site for this by entering your license plate you can do HGS criminal inquiry. You can also make HGS membership by making online membership via PTT.



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