New project for Istanbul traffic

New project for Istanbul traffic: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Elvan said that they will announce a new project for traffic in Istanbul. Elvan said açıkla We are working on some projects to relieve the traffic of Istanbul. We think that we might explain the Prime Minister 1 with him during the month. Istanbul is a surprise project that will relax the traffic, mega project and a project that will significantly relax the traffic in Istanbul. İstanbul
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they are planning to announce a surprise, mega project that will relax Istanbul traffic in the 1 month. Elvan answered CNN Türk's questions on the agenda.
Elvan, evaluating the decision of the commission established in the TGNA on the allegations regarding the 4 minister and the process of the General Assembly, said that they respect the decision of the commission and that the deputies will present their own thoughts and their own personal approaches in the General Assembly. Elvan, on a question divided by the way of annual 15 billion pounds have been saved, he said.
Providing information on the projects to solve Istanbul's traffic problem, Elvan said that one of the important projects that will relax Istanbul is the high-speed train line which will pass through the third bridge and this project will significantly reduce the traffic of Istanbul. Emphasizing that there is no delay in opening the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 29 in October, Elvan said that they planned to open the rail system at the end of 2017 or at 2018.
Gebze-Halkalı Elvan on the question of when to open the line, this year seems a little difficult, but said they aim to finish as soon as possible. Elvan, said: We are working on some projects to relieve the traffic of Istanbul. In particular, we are working on a project that will allow the citizens to breathe even more comfortably to the people who travel from one point to another, to another point.
We are thinking about explaining him with our Prime Minister, we need some time. We think we can explain it in 1 months. Istanbul is a surprise project that will relax the traffic, mega project and a project that will significantly relax the traffic in Istanbul.
While answering the question about the future of Haydarpaşa Train Station, Elvan said, lark As a ministry, we carried out a study on the restoration and repair of the station after the fire. Obviously, a final decision has not been made. We think this should be maintained. There is nothing bad to come to Haydarpasa Train Station, I want to express him, no one should wonder. Hayd
Elvan on the situation of the Ataturk Airport with the construction of the third airport in Istanbul, said: There is no such thing as housing. Second, the third airport will be used for the third airport 'scheduled to be used for scheduled flights to the third airport' statement. So our scheduled flights will be at the third airport we are currently doing. But there may be non-tariff flights, charter flights, private airplanes may use this airport, the use of our cargo aircraft may be in question. There is no circumstance that could interfere with non-tariff flights. Therefore, it really Ataturk Airport in Turkey, will be in need of an airport. The airport will continue to be. If there is a 'scheduled trip?' If it is asked, there will be no scheduled time. We will keep Atatürk Airport but there will be non-tariff flights at Ataturk Airport, flights for private airplanes, and flights for cargo. Even if we make the third airport, Istanbul will need an airport like Ataturk Airport.
Minister Elvan, the work done to dry the swamp in the third airport will be completed and no problems on this issue will not be a problem, the work went as expected.
Elvan, Channel Istanbul Project, the question, El Of course, you have no hesitation in this regard. Our friends did a very intense work and carried out detailed technical studies. We will explain the road map related to this in the coming days ın.

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