Asphalt Works in Gölbaşı

Asphalt Works in Gölbaşı: Gölbaşı Municipality continues its asphalt works on the roads in the district. The damaged roads are repaired one by one. Asphalt work teams are completing their works in Bahçelievler Neighborhood, TOKİ Road and Karaoğlan Neighborhood, while requests and demands submitted to the municipality are evaluated.
Golbasi Mayor Fatih Duruay, asphalt teams continue to work on all roads quickly without a break, he said. President Duruay said, tüm Our patch and repair works are continuing on all roads in our district. In addition, due to heavy winter conditions, we continue our asphalt pavement works where needed. Our asphalt crews will continue our asphalt works during the winter months. Our goal is to get rid of holes in winter. We are working hard to make the lives of our citizens easier. Vat

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