Minister Elvandan 5 high-speed train to the city

High speed train good news from Minister Elvan to 5 cities: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan gave the good news of high speed trains to Antalya, Konya, Aksaray, Nevşehir and Kayseri.
Speaking at the AK Party Antalya Ordinary Congress held at the Kepez Turgut Özal Sports Hall, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said that they will fight bans, poverty and corruption while on their way. Elven Ministers noted that continued fighting against the ban in every area, "truly social state has placed the AK Party government in Turkey. We did not leave any of our oppressed brothers alone. We have made very important developments in this field in the 12-year period. We cut those hoses. Investments ramped up with the cut of the hoses. The economy has ramped up. The country has stabilized. From now on, under the leadership of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, it will continue to grow and grow stronger ”.
Noting that Antalya has received 12 quadrillion 3 million investments in the field of transportation in the last 100 years, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, “It received an investment of 2.14 billion for highways. I will have good news for Antalya. Antalya will continue to develop and grow in the field of transportation. With investments in Antalya, Turkey has carried out over twice the growth rate and growth will continue. The most important project for Antalya is the tourism high-speed train route, our line from Antalya to Konya, Aksaray, Nevşehir, and then to Kayseri. This month, we are going to the application project tender. It will speed up to 200 kilometers per hour. At the end of 2015, we will hit the excavation. It will be connected to Antalya, Konya, Aksaray, Nevşehir and Kayseri via iron. This is one of our projects, ”he said.
Noting that the works of the high-speed train line that will connect Antalya to Eskişehir-Istanbul-Bursa and other provinces have been completed, Minister Elvan said, “We will start the construction of this project in the perspective of 2023. This will be one of our priority projects. We also will perform, to Turkey for what, for what to Antalya, "he said.
Giving information about the third important project for Antalya, Minister Elvan said, “Our third important project is the tram line from Antalya Airport to the city center. As the ministry, we will build the infrastructure of the 18-kilometer line. The sets and stations will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality. In cooperation, the ministry will realize this project. We will train this project by 2016 ”.
Minister Elvan said that they had important projects on highways and said:
“We will connect Antalya to Alanya by highway. We will be on the project in 2015. The person departing from Antalya will not be stuck in the lights. We will be bidding on the build-operate-transfer model this year. A highway project connecting Antalya to Izmir. We will do it in the perspective of 2023. We will start the tender not in 2015, but in the following years. We will do it before 2023. The line connecting Antalya, Alanya and Gazipaşa to Mersin has 23 tunnels on this line. We have completed an important part. 50 kilometers left. In 2016, we will connect the 50-kilometer section with tunnels. We will bring Antalya together with Mersin. We have a road project divided from Kumluca to Finike and Kaş Kalkan. Project work is about to be completed. We will make it into a divided road. We will bid for the sections whose projects are completed. We will make the Elmalı- Kaş road. We gave his instruction. We will rebuild that road from top to bottom. "
In his speech, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel stated that AK Party congresses take place in a festive atmosphere. AK Party congresses are renewed. More words, we will produce services in Antalya. Someone will talk. Whatever they do, we will produce services. They know well that the Lafla cheese ship will not run. The architects of the Expo 2016 rail system, Minister Elvan, Minister Eker and Minister Çavuşoğlu are among us, ”he said. Expressing that today is not an end but a beginning, Türel said, “Köse is the harbinger of a new beginning. It is not possible for every person to have such a provincial head. He is always a servant of this case. All tasks in us are horizontal. The only thing vertical is the chairmanship ”he said.
Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun due to the program in France expressed that the delegation could not participate in Turel, the Muslim behavior in the name of the harmony showed no harmony.
Former AK Party Antalya Provincial Chairman Mustafa Köse stated that the congresses were the feast day of the organizations and that they had great success in the past period. Noting that they have reached 225 thousand members in Antalya, Köse said, “I want you to give me the support you give to Rıza Sümer, who I will hand over the task. We will achieve great success. I was proud to walk with you during my 4-year provincial presidency. I wish success to those who will take office from now on ”.




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