Bursa became the new favorite of the logistics sector

Bursa became the new favorite of the logistics sector: The logistics sector turned its route into Bursa, which has increased its strategic importance with its high-speed train and highway projects as well as its foreign trade volume. 2 annually 71 competition in the sector where new actors are added
BURSA -Fast growing global logistics industry, it brought into production bases in Turkey from Istanbul and began to shift to areas where industry is concentrated. Bursa, which stands out with its automotive, textile, machinery and food sectors, has taken its place among the new favorites of the logistics sector. The charm of the city; ports, high-speed train and highway projects, even more, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) 2012 13 in the logistics and transportation sector in the number of companies and branches in the last two years 71 84 members with the new members reached a thousand XNUMX. In Bursa, which aims to reach a central position in logistics transportation, Logistics Summit is being prepared within the scope of the Logistics Village Project under the leadership of BTSO. The representatives of the sector united in the opinion that Bursa has a strategic position in terms of logistics, and that the number of companies operating in the city has increased rapidly and this makes the competition very hot.
Underlining the growing interest in Bursa Sittnak AŞ Project and Business Development Manager Mustafa Yazıcı has attributed this to the fact that the 30-40 of the logistics sector has been created by the regional firms. Yacızı stated that the formation in Bursa became widespread with branching. Inda Bursa started to serve as a bridge to the East and South Marmara and Central Anatolia regions especially in the sea and land transportation except for air transportation. Considering the future of railway transportation in the near future, it has a strategic position in terms of logistics. In Bursa, the majority of automotive main and sub-industry companies are located. The automotive sector wants to move very quickly because the inventory costs are very expensive. Logistics companies are able to develop themselves to the extent that they have achieved this fast moving ability. In this respect, Bursa companies are of vital importance for the logistics sector. Bu
In the logistics sector in Turkey pointed out that the number of players that should be watched over many of the printer, so it was argued that the question of an abnormal competition.
'There is a contraction in the market share in interest'
In parallel with the increasing interest in Bursa, the market share in the narrowing, which gives information Ekol Logistics South Marmara Regional Manager Tülay Gül, the potential of the city does not realize until today, the companies that do not invest until recently reported that the attack. Dı Bursa was a city that remained under the shadow of Istanbul until recently in terms of industry,, said Gül. ”With automotive overtaking Istanbul, it started to attract the attention of companies. We foresee that Bursa will be a logistics base with its further development in the future economy. Şt As Ekol, 1996 emphasized that they invested by seeing the potential of Bursa and continued their long-term cooperation with their customers based on serious dialogue and trust. Gul also stated that they found the increase in competition in the region positive because it also means the increase in quality.
'Increasing foreign trade volume made the city the center of attention'
'Increased volume of foreign trade city in the limelight did' DHL Global Forwarding South Marmara Region Manager Serkan Timur Referring to Turkey's foreign trade, he said Bursa's export share to take third place. "Our expectation, especially due to the investments made in the automotive sector in the region, is that the export volume will increase and Bursa will come second with its export volume within 10 years after Istanbul" Timur said that the increasing foreign trade volume in the region becomes the center of attention for logistics companies in line with long-term plans. stressed that he was coming. Drawing attention to the fact that Gemlik ports have made great progress in terms of capacity and technological infrastructure thanks to investments in the last 10 years, Timur said, “The opportunities of exporting companies in Bursa and its surroundings have increased significantly in maritime transportation and shipments to customers in a shorter period of time. This has made our region more attractive for investors. ”

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