The Fate of Haydarpasa Station is Still Unclear

date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station
date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station

📩 27/04/2019 23:48

The fate of Haydarpasa Train Station is still unclear: 4 year has passed since the fire at Haydarpasa Train Station. How to use the garage after the fire is still unclear.

The roof of the station, which has been changed several times, has not been restored. The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) officials say that the garage will be used as a hub for high-speed railway and cultural activities after it has been restored. However, Haydarpaşa Solidarity members of the roof of the roof of the restaurant is intended to be used as a restaurant.

Kadıköy The municipality has not licensed the station, whose restoration projects have been approved by the Conservation Board. It remains unclear when the renewal project, which was tendered for 12 million 473 thousand TL, will start. Haydarpaşa Solidarity gave information about the action they will take for the historical station, whose roof was burned in 2010 at the meeting they held in the Chamber of Architects. Sami Yılmaztürk, Chairman of Istanbul Branch of Chamber of Architects, Secretary General Mücella Yapıcı, Haydarpaşa Solidarity members attended the meeting. A member of Haydarpaşa Solidarity and retired machinist Turgay Kartal, who has been working at TCDD for 37 years, reminded that they had been acting for the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was not train, for 148 weeks. Kartal "We are fighting not only for getting rid of the station, but against a rent project from Harem to Moda coast." he spoke.

Kartal, TCDD's 2007 with IMM and Haydarpasa, Sirkeci, Maltepe, Zeytinburnu and Halkalı said that they signed a protocol to prepare profitable zoning projects. Following the protocol, a lot of zoning plan was prepared about Haydarpaşa and its environs. Kartal said: plan Fatih Municipality has prepared a renovation plan for the surroundings of the Sirkeci Railway Station. TCDD, however, filed a lawsuit for cancellation. Moreover, the Sirkeci Railway Station was opposed as an important axis for rail transport to Europe. We also objected to the plans for the transformation of Haydarpaşa Train Station with the same reason; but it was not accepted. If the TCDD filed for the Fatih Municipality early, there will be hope for Haydarpaşa. T

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