The tender of Kars Logistics Center 19 in September

The tender of Kars Logistics Center 19 In September: AK Party Kars Deputies Dr. Yunus Kilic and Ahmet Arslan, a recent press about the logistics center in the statement they made on some of the news they said that someone produced the thesis and confused the citizen.

Ahmet Arslan also mentioned some recent news about the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project and the Logistic Center, which is an important project of Kars.-BTK continues at full speed. Despite occasional disruptions, despite the disruption caused by the slowness of the state's functioning, it is now walking fast. But we all know that the BTK project is meaningful with the Logistics Center. We have explained well what the Logistics Center is doing, our people have understood it well, or even more than expected. But when there is a project that is loaded with expectation, they do not stand idle in this project. Oh, they're making a comeback. And that really upsets us. Why does he upset me? When we are in Kars as two deputies to get information about the projects, what can we do to solve the bottlenecks? We are meeting with all public institutions, especially the governor's office, but we know that this is not enough. We need to follow this in Ankara. It is important that we erode the corridors of the institutions in Ankara and accelerate the works. We're saddened by the fact that we're spending so much serious work, and when we've brought so much success to the end result, we've got a lot of work. Because they are confusing the citizen. Çünkü

Eden The tender for the implementation of the Logistics Center will be held in 19 in September, Ars said Arslan. Ağ The 19 tender is being carried out by the General Directorate of Railways on Friday. Previously, ground surveys, geotechnical surveys were done, preliminary projects were prepared, studies were carried out here. Organized Industrial Zone in the better way to serve this country was made to studies how. The existing Cement Plant has a considerable number of shipments. How we get it into the work has been done. Besides, there are defo areas besides the current GAR. It was studied how the storage areas were removed from the city and deployed into the logistics center. These studies have been done here or in Ankara. We, as deputies, together with the technical staff at the General Directorate of Railways, held many meetings for hours. We don't do them in vain. And about the 15 day before our final meeting, 19 will be the tender for the preparation of application projects in September. As soon as the tender ends, the implementation project is started. And the expropriation process with it will begin. Our people can't be so sure unless you hit the dig. Both the start of implementation projects and the beginning of the expropriation of those who want to confuse those requests, ambitions and expectations will be wasted, more confident in our people will look at the future of Kars and Karslın more confidently, lam he said.

After that, the deputy Professor. Dr. Yunus Sword, the AK Party Government has done a lot of things, he said.
Prof. Dr. . Our government is doing a lot of things everywhere. Therefore, Kars is one of the provinces that have its share. But we saw it missing on Sunday and Saturday. We are used to running here in Ankara so much that we are here in the city what we do in the city did not have the opportunity to tell the citizens much. Consequently, even though the citizen has told us something about logistics in fifty times, the people who have no knowledge about the subject produce the claims as if they would not be in the business and they are trying to make people believe. It doesn't help anyone. Of course, such as looking on the one hand on the other hand, our government made investments through the weekend, we said we should travel. We couldn't just raise a town in two days. Mr. Ahmet has counted but he has forgotten many of them. Because too much. Here are football fields, youth center, martyrs, ceremonial areas. A huge ceremony area is held in Sarıkamış. When it's over, you'll see the gigantic. They forgot. Each of them invested in 10-15 million TL. But there is so much. Only two days in Sarikamis, especially when we did not know that nobody saw, Karakurt dam to be built on the mountain so the road is taken. The more beautiful, better quality is done in a terrific way. You'll see the machine, the equipment worker, and you are proud. 23-30 km. one way. Horasan side. In other words, there are curved paths under the streams that we know will remain underwater during the Karakurt dam. And there are roads like the four-lane international roads that glitter across the mountain. When you collect all of them, except for low investments, we only spend the weekend in Sarikamis only with 350 million TL old money 350 trillion. Investment in the last two years only in a district. We spread it to other districts and the city center. But we don't really know the show side of this thing. But we have to leave the show side again and tell the citizens what happened. Because, especially with the AK Party people so much has been used to doing things that do not seem so abnormal. In other words, you are explaining an investment like 50 million TL. But this city forgets that the 15 years ago 50 was sold to the billion citizens. What do you need to do? You have to remind occasionally the old with the new. He needs to see the difference. We are making organized livestock fattening zone. Kars, the only facility that currently made in Turkey in this field. They've been done before. But we can get it to Kars right now. The investment allowance, which has now been paid on the 30 million liras, is now an investment that has been taken into consideration today. 30 million pounds will be more than maybe. I think you'il even get 50. How much does Karslı know? Very little informed. Even many people are embracing. The two men who cannot say the name of the project in a pen cannot say it, the guys who will not have any news tell the project as if they were inside.

AK Party Deputy Kars Dr. Yunus Kilic, then summarized as follows:
“I'm saying these things because I think we should tell them more. We do hospital in every county that hold the renewal of schools in the city. Sparkling. There was a bad birth house in Kars, a children's house. He was awful. People were truly disgusted from there. Hospital work is not an easy task. It's very costly. We are now building a modernized hospital, which is very close to the highways, even in extremely modern Ankara. And not only in Ankara, Turkey, in Izmir which is just and only 5 in Istanbul in Turkey. The intensive care unit in Kars is currently in Kars. 100 is a hospital with more than one intensive care unit. Erzurum is our nearest neighbor. And so far, the city that serves us the most. They have great hospitals. May God raise you more. Because when we get stuck, the closest place we go to is setting up an intensive care unit more than there is. This is something awesome for Kars. He cannot know much of his community. God does not give, but when people are stuck when they need to notice a little bit. There are such great developments in Kars. Kars is actually breaking his shell. But it's the first time that has been so late and accumulated. Let's have a meeting a few days later. What was the situation of transportation in Kars when we arrived? When we put them in numbers, statistics don't lie. Those who do not have good intentions can lie, ignore all services. But statistics don't lie. One of the Cemil flowers, Allah's salvation, Mr. President of the Parliament. Friends Do you know why the AK Party is getting so much votes? Of course an experienced human politician. Citizen knows the passage through the throat, knows the outfit on, knows the car ride, knows the way he said. We've developed a lot of them. Tell this man how much you say otherwise. Knows the vaccine, knows the work and knows the way. The AK Party has made such great services. That's why the citizen supports it. In Kars, I think it would be very useful for our city to be better understood. Investments continue rapidly. After that, we took a decision with Ahmet Bey among us. When we arrived, we clearly saw that we needed to tell people about the investments we made better. G



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