Action for workers lost in the locomotive factory

📩 30/11/2018 17:18

Workers who lost his life for the Locomotive Factory Action: in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) have been protests due to the death of a worker on occupational accidents occurred yesterday.
In a protest in front of TÜLOMSAŞ; United Transport Employees Union (BTS), Chamber of Physicians, TMMOB, İKK, DİSK and KESK made a joint press release. Speaking on behalf of BTS for the first time, Branch President Ersin Cem Paralı reminded that a worker named Halil Taykaya died at the Gear Team Workshop Wheel Turning House at the General Directorate of TÜLOMSAŞ. Paralı said, “Taykaya lost his life by falling from a height of 11 meters while maintaining the crane he was taken without taking the necessary safety measures.” Stating that Taykara, who passed away, worked in a subcontractor company called Makron, Paralı said, "Those who work without a protective clothing, safety belt and responsible personnel at the beginning, gave this job to the subcontractors in the field of responsibility," he said.
Mercenaries, condolences to the family and relatives of the worker who lost his life. TÜLOMSAŞ'da previous year, a worker named Hüseyin Saraçoğlu drew attention to the fact that died in an accident at work, where the health and safety of worker health and safety of a public service is due to be removed, new deaths are inevitable, said before that they said. Mercenary, ilke Unfortunately, the AKP government has adopted the principle of taking measures for occupational health and safety, increasing controls, not punishing the most serious of those responsible for the massacres, but of making forgetfulness, and the continuation of the exploitation wheel. The content of the bag law discussed in the Assembly is the most basic indicator of this understanding. Meclis
Paralı noted that TÜLOMSAŞ management should now be accountable, especially the general manager, and that they will continue to struggle resolutely. Speaking later, Bulent Nazım Yılmaz, the President of the Chamber of Physicians, stated that they witnessed a similar "job murder" shortly after the workers' deaths in Istanbul. Yilmaz argued that the government's latest subcontracting law enacted by the Parliament imposed not only subcontracting, but also work accidents and homicides. Yılmaz invited the judiciary to the task and called on the TÜLOMSAŞ administration to resign.


  1. Did you know; such accidents are the criteria that determine the position in the belir backwardness ”scale!
    THANKS to civilized citizens who are politically motivated by civil protesters who are sensitive to the repetition of protests by using the rights of democratic freedoms, and reacting to the danger of recurrence. In each democratic society, this is the element that makes society a community, a sensitive citizen and a citizen. Otherwise, we are teaching in schools under the name of Citizenship Knowledge; what is the muhtar, what are their duties, etc. not secondary bullshit leri Congratulations and thank you with the hope that this type of backward evidence will not be repeated.

  2. A System-Science BASIC THEORY with engineering language: if a process and / or a process chain (upper system) is disrupted by one of the process parts (sub-systems), especially if it is cycled repeated / cyclus repetation / sich wiederholend If the systematic / systematic error, systematic errors are urgently needed. Otherwise, the entire process periodically and / or ap- plies continuously! Be noted that; HUMAN FACTOR is the biggest systematic error source directly and indirectly! (eg: Fukushima, Chernobil, Tree Miles Island, La Hauge, .:)
    Therefore, in the systems to be established, the human factor and its effect should be minimized and / or controlled as much as possible, and the risks must be absolutely accountable. Guide-Way-Transportation-Systems are not in the middle of these rules and theories, but in the middle of the opposite!

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