İzmir Bay TroleyBus Example Solution

📩 29/11/2018 20:16

The Trolley Bus Solution to the Gulf of Izmir Solution: The latest report by Dokuz Eylul University (DEU), Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology, recently published; Cleaning studies carried out in the Gulf of Izmir showed that the positive results.

In the said report; It is noted that the water quality in the Izmir Bay has reached the quality that meets the 'EU Swimming Water Regulation' criteria and parallel to this, there has been a significant increase in the number of living species.

This improvement in the Gulf, especially in the name of the fishing community is extremely important and pleasing as much.

In our country with a coastline of 8333 kilometers; Izmir is the richest region in terms of biodiversity aç

However, ez İzmir Bay is a gulf giving SOS at the point of fish population.

The pollution that flows from the Gediz River into the Izmir Bay and the illegal hunting bay that cannot be prevented in the bay, makes our bay a little more vegetative day by day.

There is no account of the news that has been written up to date for the pollution that flows from Gediz iz

Therefore, in the name of Gediz, whatever we say ed

Of course, to prevent illegal fishing, but in parallel to increase biodiversity, we have a few words that we can say buna

I'm a liar of our old fishermen.

TroleyBuses, which were once scrapped in Izmir, are thrown at various points of the gulf.

With the academic statement, TroleyBuses have served as an 'artificial reef' in the depths of the bay for many years.

(For those who do not know, it is worth noting that artificial reefs are specially designed objects placed on the seabed in order to nest, breed, feed and create new living spaces for demersal fish species).

At that time, TroleyBüss are smiling at the bottom of the sea, until our fishermen face in the bay until they are completely decomposed.

There is a significant increase in the amount of fishing and diversity.

Because of illegal hunters because of the TroleyBus'le illegal trawlers in this area for years.

From this point of view, I tell you: The Gulf of Izmir urgently needs an artificial reef project.

Our readers who will follow the sector will remember.

Approximately 8 thousand artificial reefs have been thrown to our Edremit Bay, which has been selected as a pilot region within the scope of the project "Protection and Development of Aquaculture Resources with Artificial Reefs".

Edremit Bay was brought to life thanks to the project launched by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2011.

Gulf fishermen have already started to collect the fruits of the project ç

In this concept, I emphasize in almost every platform that I support artificial reef projects which are especially important to support professional coastal fishing and to eliminate the deficiencies of lost or damaged habitats for various reasons Bu

In addition, I look forward to the fact that our Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Mehdi Eker, has extended his hand to İzmir Bay as soon as possible, in the Edremit Bay project: With my love and respect…

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