Dynamites Detonated on BTK Railway Line Destroyed Houses

Dynamites Detonated on BTK Railway Line Destroyed Houses: Dynamite exploded in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line works demolished houses in Kars and Ardahan. Villagers filed a criminal complaint at the courts in Arpaçay and Ardahan about the company that carries out the BTK Railway line works.

With the villages of Taşbaşı and Doğruyol, Ardahan's Upper Cambaz, Damlıca and Taşdeğirmen the villagers in Arpaçay, Kars, who are on the route passing the BTK railway line, are afraid to sit in their homes. The villagers were informed by the villagers that the houses had been demolished due to the dynamites detonated without security measures, and the houses had been broken and there were cracks in many houses and barns.

In the studies carried out on the railway line, the dynamite stood out and the villagers reported that the explosions had become more frequent after the firm had been brought to court.

Gülmehmet, whose house was destroyed in Damlıca village KazanKaya said that the dynamites that were detonated without any safety warning destroyed his house. Kazan“It collapsed with the explosion of dynamite. I have my stuff inside. I informed the gendarmerie. The gendarmerie came and took a report. I submitted a petition to the governor. Authorities came and did nothing. It explodes every day. Anyway, just once. We do not have a life security. Explosions have been going on here for 4 years. Neither the ambulance nor the official arrives. What if it falls on someone's head or if someone is injured? There's an alarm going off and that's it. They play and play themselves," he said.

4 years in the company working as a firemen and detonator Gafan Aydin, who was fired and dismissed the firm claimed that the explosion without taking security measures. Aydın said, ler The use of insensitive behaviors of the firm officials, the excessive use of the explosive material as a field of use, the environmental safety during the worker's health detonation and the necessary measures for environmental safety have never been taken. Because of the company officials' threat of firing us, we were forced to implement every work that the company authorities did. Şirket

BTK Railway line passing through the villages on the route, deteriorating damage to the villagers who noted that they are not able to use their pastures. The villagers pointed out that drinking water and other water sources were dry, and that they would block the ICTA works if they continue in this way.


On the other hand, peasants have opened lawsuits through Ardahan Civil Court of First Instance and Arpaçay Magistrates' Courts 2014 / 26,2014 / 28,2014 / 40,2014 / 32. Criminal cases in many places such as rape, unauthorized land rape, deliberately or accidentally polluting the environment, using high doses of dynamite, deliberate offense of damaging property and crimes related to general security (taking, storing, transporting dynamite) were filed.

The damage caused by the villagers by the villagers for damages related to house damage, non-pecuniary damages, loss of water resources, source cases, dynamite explosion caused by the dust due to vehicles and the product reduction cases and product cost cases were opened.

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