One thousand meters joy in Eurasia Tunnel Project

The joy of a thousand meters in the Eurasia Tunnel Project: The first thousand meters of the Bosphorus Highway Tube Crossing Project was excavated. The completion of the first km of the 3 thousand 340-meter tunnel was celebrated by defeating baklava.
The 15 kilometer section of the Eurasia Tunnel excavation was completed by reducing the travel time between Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe to 1 minutes by passing the wheeled vehicles under the Bosporus. The works are carried out on the 14,6 / 7 project in the 24 kilometer Eurasia Tunnel Project under the Bosphorus. 19 The tunnel drilling machine (TBM), which started excavation in April, completed one third of the 3 bin 340 meter excavation.
From the starter box opened in Haydarpaşa Port, the TBM was excavated around 8-10 meters per day and exceeded a thousand meters on Sunday. Workers, engineers and managers celebrated the end of the first kilometer by measuring about 90 meters. In the coming months, TBM will reach the deepest point of the project, 106 meters. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu recently visited the construction site, the deepest point here with the workers said that he wanted to drink a Turkish coffee. The seismic protection design is implemented at the highest level in the Eurasia Tunnel Project due to the earthquake risky region. In order to increase the resistance of the tunnel in a major earthquake, special seismic seals are installed at two different points. Seismic seals will prevent the tunnel under the sea floor from taking structural damage.

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