The number of bridges in Turkey in the year 2013 179

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The number of bridges made in 2013 in Turkey 179: Doka General Manager Ender Özatay, the world's largest mid-span 4th drawbridge feature which Izmit Bay Crossing tower in the construction of the Hanging Bridge that rises rapidly, he said.
Turkey and among the world's most important projects Nissibi Euphrates Bridge and Izmit Bay Crossing preferred mold specialist in the construction of the Hanging Bridge Doka, unlike other formwork systems 'speed' promises.
Dokuz General Manager Ender Özatay, referring to the economy of being fast, En Speed ​​means economy. The sooner a project is completed, the lower the cost of business-workers will begin to earn money. Bir
The Istanbul Bridges Conference 3, where the 2014rd Bosphorus Bridge, Nissibi Bridge and Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge were laid on the table, took place in Istanbul between August 11-13. Turkey's most important project is located between Izmit Bay Crossing Nissibi Euphrates Bridge and the construction of the formwork specialist Doka Suspension Bridge took place. Doka General Manager Ender Özatay said that the towers were rapidly rising in the construction of the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world.
Mentioning that the work on the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is the biggest leg of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, which will reduce the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir from 9 hours to 3,5 hours, Özatay said, The towers reaching 6,5 meters can be easily seen from the land. Doka is a company that stands out with its speed and reliability. Doka's mold systems promise 'speed' unlike others. The projects can be completed within the specified time accompanied by ultra security measures. Speed ​​means economy. The earlier a project ends, the enterprise-worker cost decreases and the business begins to make money. At the same time, it is important for the prestige of the companies to complete a project before or during the specified period. ”
Ender Özatay stated that the towers with an average of 10 meters per week are planned to be completed by going to the 250 meter at the end of the year. The most heavy blocks of approximately 88 tonnes will be placed recently, while the top blocks will weigh 350 tons. Thousands of people in the construction 170 400 hours of continuous work, "he said.
In the 2013 15 in Turkey, indicating that 179 km long bridge made Özatay rare, he said the bridge project will increase further in the coming years. Turkey's longest 3. Bridge, which is the bridge with the Nissibi Bridge, the Adıyaman-Kahta-Siverek-Diyarbakir highway will be significantly shortened travel time voicing Özatay, said: "The Bridge Doka automatic climbing Nissib used in the system thanks to SKA We took a first in Turkey. Nissibi Euphrates Bridge specifications, the methods applied for the first time in terms of innovation and exemplary project of a bridge for Turkey's construction industry. This bridge type, called the tensioned bridge with bent cable hanging, is a very contemporary design. The Nissibi Bridge carries two highways in both directions with the 96 meter-height pylons on both sides and the 400 meter mid-span. Kö
Ti The contractor Gülsan Construction preferred Doka's automatic climbing solution, primarily because the structure had a difficult geometry and the height had the risk of preventing the completion of the work in time if the crane option was used. One of the unique features of Doka SKE50 plus is that it is not affected by weather conditions and can be used without any interruption even in the wind blowing at 72 miles per hour. Doka SKE50 plus system is the most suitable solution for the construction of the Nissibi Bridge pylons with a load capacity of 5 per parallel climbing unit and enables climbing without a crane. As the placement of concrete and the timing of the mold cycles are determinative for efficiency, it is possible to carry several parallel climbing units simultaneously with SKE platforms, and it is enough to press the button to move the work area hydraulically. Beton
. Doka H20 wooden beams, steel elements and mold plates are the main components of the system, En said Ender Özatay. This formwork system is preferred in non-linear shaped walls and columns in projects where smooth concrete surfaces are demanded. The system was chosen for the changes that occurred at every stage of the concrete placement process in the pylon of the Nissibi project. Separate plates were used for both columns of the pylons. Advanced climbing system of Turkey's still new to the construction market Dogan considers the construction team of mold equipment correctly to enable and use mounting, providing also be trained by experienced Doka formwork instructors. The Doka technology division has detailed planning of the mold workflow to ensure that the project is completed without any unpleasant surprises on the deadline, ensuring that continuous support is provided throughout the entire construction process. These services of Doka played a decisive role in ensuring the project progressed smoothly and quickly.

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