Channel Istanbul will be like this

What's happening in the channel Istanbul
What's happening in the channel Istanbul

A promotional film on Social Media revealed all the details of Kanal Istanbul. If this promotional film is correct, this is how Kanal Istanbul will be.

The details of the Kanal Istanbul and New City project, which is one of the "crazy projects" announced by Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his prime ministry, have emerged. According to the information given in the Kanal Istanbul promotional film published on Social Media; The new city to be established around Kanal Istanbul, with a population of 7.5 million, will be established within Istanbul as Turkey's second largest city after Istanbul.

453 will be installed in million square meters

According to the information given in the introductory video; Channel Istanbul and New City area will have a size of 453 million square meters. 78 million square meters of this area of ​​the airport, 30 million square meters of Canal Istanbul, 33 million square meters of Ispartakule and Bahcesehir, 108 million square meters of roads, 167 million square meters of zoning plots, 37 million square meters consists of common green areas.

In addition, 26 million square meters in the area devoted to roads will be located in the area of ​​greenhouse paved grate and zoning separated area 83 million square meters of greenery. Thus, the total area of ​​green space in the New City and Channel Istanbul project will reach 146 million square meters.

10 bridge to the canal Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul, which passes through Kucukcekmece Lake and Sazlidere Dam and reaches to the Black Sea from the East of Terkos Lake, will have a width of 400 meters, 25 meters depth, and a width ranging from one thousand meters to 2 thousand 200 meters. The 5 bridge will be constructed along the canal with a different array, each connecting 5 to state highways and 10 on both sides of the channel.
Along the canal, areas with 100'er meter width on both sides will be divided into green, parks and recreation. 50 striped coastal streets on both sides and 8 striped coastal streets on both sides and 150 bin capacity car parks under these streets will be constructed on both sides.

'Free Zone' will be established in Yenisehir

Cultural centers will be built on the coast of Küçükçekmece, at the entrance of the Black Sea and on the canal route, which will host units such as exhibition, conference, show center and museum. In one of the estuary is located within the channel forming region syrup, Turkey, Germany, USA, Japan, China, India, France, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Iran, structures representing architectural Spain and characteristic of other countries is planned to be built. The lower floors of these buildings will be used as a restaurant and the upper floors will be used as a home office and the buildings will be built by the people of the country.

Central Mosque of 72 thousand persons

In the very center of Istanbul's East Side, the Central Mosque and Complex will be built. Within the Central Mosque Complex, the cultural and educational center, Ottoman bazaar, ascension house and apart hotel will be located. Inside and in the courtyard 72 thousand people can worship.

World's 460 'wonder' will be planted in Yenisehir

The aim of the New City, which will be built around Kanal Istanbul, is the harmony of traditional architecture and modern architecture. For this purpose, the upper point of the high-altitude hills, which is 46 kilometers in total on both sides of Kanal Istanbul, is reserved for the highest building series in the world. These structures will be built as 100 structures placed 100 meters apart on 460 meters wide zoning plots at the highest point of the hill. On both sides of the zoning parcels where these structures will rise, roads with 50 meters width and 8 lanes will be built and a parking lot for 160 thousand vehicles will be built under these roads. On the sloping slopes from this peak point towards the Canal, apartments, terrace houses and villas will be built, decreasing from 14 floors to 2 floors.

Turkey's historical buildings to be cloned

Suitable parts of green and recreation areas along the canal; Located in the historical background of the Bosphorus in Turkey and highlights palace, mansion, it will be built similar structures as host and will be presented to tourism services.

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