Great shock Istanbul-Ankara YHT stayed on the road for the second time

Big shock Istanbul-Ankara YHT was on the road for the second time: The high-speed train, which traveled between Istanbul and Ankara, was on the road when an electrical failure occurred on the Gebze-Köseköy line at night

Ankara-Istanbul between the 3.5 hour high-speed train between Gebze and Köseköy due to electrical failure occurred on the road. The high speed train which was kept for a while in Köseköy was later towed to the Izmit Train Station with the help of the tractor. When the fault could not be recovered, the high-speed train was again taken to the point where the electrical fault was finished with the help of the tractor. Due to the electrical failure, the passengers were in the dark while the passengers were in the dark.

17: 40 20: 42'den 19'den moving train from 10: XNUMX'dan moving from Istanbul XNUMX: XNUMX'da moving the last train of the day between Gebze-Köseköy due to excessive rainfall of electrical systems due to malfunction stayed on the road. Train movement by telling the authorities of the Republic of Turkey State Railways officials said crews worked to fix the time power failure.

In spite of the fact that the electrical failure of the officials could not be eliminated, the train which was held in Köseköy from Ankara was held in İzmit, which was waiting for the train. Trains left out of the faulty area continued on their way again. Also because of the failure of the 19: 00 from Ankara to move to the direction of Istanbul expressing the last voyage of the day remained on the road. It was taken with the hammer on this train.

With the high-speed train running between Istanbul and Ankara on the road, hundreds of passengers on three trains stayed on the road. The wagons could not be illuminated due to electricity failure. Passengers had to wait more than 2 hours. 25 was the day when the high-speed train was opened. After the intervening 10 days before the problems of the train again put the fast train into the heart of the discussions.

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